What will be the FIRST bag on your 2006 list?

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  1. What will be the FIRST bag you want to purchase after the New Years?

    Mine will be the Balenciaga motorcycle (first/city) in wine red, black or royal blue OR the paddy (medium) in choco brown. Then the LV damier speedy. Hee hee... :nuts:
  2. Don't wanna go there....My head may explode.:wacko:
  3. ditto, sister.
  4. Ha Ha Ha... :lol: :lol:
  5. Hmmmmmm........ good question. Maybe this Marc Jacobs bag. I saw it posed in another thread.
  6. Oooops. Forgot about this one. LV Globe Shopper Cabas MM

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  7. Well as I've been discussing in my thread, it's probably going to be the LV Batignolles vertical bag. I think it will look good with everything I wear both for day and night even though I don't go out much anymore. :P I just want something that I can throw stuff in and go and not have to worry about not having enough room or too much room. My New Year's resolution? Buy more bags!!

    Here it is: :love:

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  8. The Chloe anthracite Paddy or the whisky Bugatti Paddy. To be followed by an Office size Balenciaga motorcycle in red or royal blue.
  9. Mine will be the whiskey Paddington if NM sends it as promised. Then I'd like the LV epi leather Figari MM or the Jasmin in red. Oh this list could keep going that Balenciaga Motorcycle bag is hot. So many lovely bags to choose from and so little money. LOL
  10. I am going to save, save, save until I can afford the Dior Detective ($1650) in red. It will take a while, so I am bag-fasting and will be saving some Christmas money, tax return, birthday... any extra cash I come across!
  11. ooo i completely forgot about my tax return...oh dear, lol.
  12. :lol: Yep, already started thinking about it! It always comes right around my birthday.
  13. Probably the Coach "DAPHNE" bag in brown/brass
  14. Chanel ligne cambon pochette in black with white, but I don't think I'll be able to get the money together until at least May for it. :sad:

    Kind of like this one, but this is a fake and I can't seem to find a picture of a real one !!

  15. Dior Gaucho bag! :heart: