What will be "the" best color for my next Birkin?

  1. Can anyone kindly assist in making a right choice for me? :idea:
    Still struggling between
    1/ An All Indigo or
    2/ 2 tone Indigo with another color as lining or
    3/ Black Barenia with Black Crinoline?
    4/ any other suggestions?
    Preferences in all understated tone and already obtained black. ebene, etoupe, gold and graphite with gris
  2. black box:yes:
  3. ^ I love indigo, especially with blue Jean piping and interior.
  4. I'd go with 2-tone indigo.
    Not sure what the other color would be though. How about indigo with white stitching?
    Or indigo w/ vert anis or chartreuse lining?
  5. CC, rouge H would be understated but different from what's already in your collection.
  6. Potiron -- fabulous toned-down pop of color that works year-round.
  7. Second the Potiron! You might like it trimmed in gold with gold interior:p
  8. Blk Boxcalf or Blk Barenia with Blk Crinoline is such an unbelievably chic combination and so rarely seen. I highly recommend it, very durable and beautiful.

    However all of your potential options sound just lovely!!
  9. If I read your original posting correctly, you've already got a Black Birkin. Indigo is so close to the dark colors you've already got. If the Potiron doesn't do it for you, would you consider getting a Cognac Ostrich Birkin?
  10. ^Cognac Ostrich Birkin Sounds Fabulous To Me!!!!!
  11. Another vote for rouge H as a neutral that us quite different from your current collection. If not, I also think indigo with chartreuse trim is a nice combo.
  12. That sounds gorgeous!