What will be less traumatic for my cat?

  1. I have to leave for three weeks over Christmas and I'm a little stuck as to what to do with my cat in the meantime. I obviously can't bring him with me, and my parents won't be around either so they can't watch him. My options are:

    1) Give him to someone else to keep for three weeks. This person lives in an apartment, and my cat is an outdoor cat so I'm worried that he will freak out from having to stay inside for three weeks and end up destroying something in this person's apartment. That, or he will whine continuously and send this person over the edge.

    2) Leave my cat at home and pay a (reliable) friend to come over once a day to feed him, clean his litter, make sure he is ok, etc. Here, I run into the same problem of him not going outside, but at least if he destroys anything it will be in my own home. Still, it just seems really cruel to leave him completely alone for three weeks; I'm worried he will just get really depressed or something. I know cats are independent animals, but I feel like three weeks is a bit extreme.

    Anyway, both my options make me cringe when I think about them. Are any of these options better than the other, or are they both just awful? Anyone have any other ideas of what I could do with him for three weeks? Thanks for the help.
  2. Animals prefer their own home over other alternatives,it's less stressful.If I were you I'd try to find a house sitter for the duration of your trip,that way kitty won't get stressed out and someones watching your home,collecting the mail etc.Hope you find a solution that works for all involved.
  3. Have the friend come over. I always volunteer my services when my friends leave town.
    My cat hates to travel and is a home body. I would much rather her be at home and have someone look in on her.
  4. Option 2 !!! have your friend over... that way she has a sort of holiday too:smile:
  5. I'd definitely go with option #2 as well. If that doesn't pan out, my suggestion would be to board your cat at the vet. It will be costly, though. I believe my vet charges around $25/day for boarding. Maybe your vet could cut you a break due to the long timeframe.
  6. yes I agree, option 2 or board.
  7. maybe you could find someone to practically live at your house for the 3 weeks. When we go away we have a sitter that sleeps here and is only gone for work which is the time that we would be gone anyway. It is a bit pricey but if you can afford it I would check it out.
  8. I reiterate option 2. Cats are homebodies. See if you can find someone who would be willing to spend some time hanging out with kitty. Maybe they could come over and do homework, laundry, watch TV. So your cat gets some people time. I understand wanting what's best for kitty so I sympathize with your struggle! (I myself have chosen option 2 and was gone for an extended period. Luckily I had an across the street neighbor come and visit. Kitty was still upset, but he eventually got over it when I returned home.)
  9. Again, option 2. They will be much happier at home.....but will be so glad to see you when you get home!!!!!
  10. I agree with everyone, Option 2! That is what I do when I go away. But you know your kitty the best. Also, you may be surprised how okay cats do without humans...:yes: If he is an outdoor cat also, then hope your friend can entertain him with lots of toys like those toy-mouse, Cat Dancer, etc. Also maybe try one of those DVDs or VHS for cats.
  11. Option 2, and pay the sitter a little extra to stick around and play with your cat if he or she has time.
  12. Wow, I read these responses last week but completely forgot to respond. Thanks to everyone's advice, I realized it would be a horrible idea to go with option 1, but I still can't bring myself to do option 2 because my cat tends to be very social and I don't think an hour of "human time" per day would be enough for him.

    I really liked the idea of someone just coming to live full-time at our house for the three weeks, but unfortunately my parent's (who the cat lives with) weren't too keen on that.

    Anyway, I ended up looking around and finding a small vet clinic that does boarding at a very reasonable rate. The staff there said that because the clinic is so small and intimate, they generally use their downtime to play with the animals, so he won't be alone in a cage for three weeks. I think it's the safest option and probably the best for my cat's sanity.

    Thanks for the help everyone. You guys are really great.