What will be in the new floorset tomorrow?

  1. Does anyone know? I might plan a trip to Coach tomorrow but wanted to know which new bags will be on display? TIA!!!!:tup:;)
  2. Ooooohhh Me Too! ;)
  3. bump....:sneaky:
  4. I was at the boutique yesterday. My SA told me that the new pond patent would NOT be there, but CAN be ordered! The new brown patent WILL be there. I would suspect everything else from the new catalog as well. Can't wait!
  5. I'm hoping to get to Coach on saturday if the weather isn't too bad. So I hope they have new stuff, like the Heritage line?
  6. Will the mini Lilys and Heritage line be out?
  7. My little hearts ponytail scarf better be there or I might make a scene! (not really, but i have been looking forward to buying this girl since last year!)
  8. Well Ive Been Told The Medium Lily, The Miranda In White,and The Blue, Also The Bridgit. Other Than That Im Not Sure I Hope Alot Of Good Stuff Im Going With My Mom Tomorrow.
  9. I saw it yesterday at the boutique!

  10. I can't wait to go to mine when I get back home from my parents house (they live in a little mountain ski town)
  11. Yay! thank you, Handbglvr!
  12. :tup:

  13. That little pink scarf print pouch should be there, right? I'm going to the mall with my bf tomorrow and I'm hoping to be able to determine if I really like it. He might get me one for Valentine's Day:love:.
  14. My nearest Macy's had the Heritage stuff (tote, satchel, etc) out on Tues. of this week.
  15. I'm excited to see the new stuff, too! We're heading to Omaha on Saturday morning. Although I can't believe they release the V-Day stuff a mere two weeks before the holiday! They should be putting that out with the day-after-Christmas floor set (like the scarf print pouch, etc.)!

    When I called a couple weeks ago, Customer Service told me that they had over 500 Medium Lily in Camel...hopfully they don't sell out before PCE!!