What will be going onsale?

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  1. HI i know some of the boutique sales are coming up in about 1 month...to all of you ladies who have gone to a H boutique sale before what usually goes on sale? Any wallets, bags, etc?? or it is mostly bracelets and scarves?
  2. Usually just rtw and shoes.
  3. I think it depends on the boutique. I have heard of Garden Parties, Herbags and small leather accessories such as wallets, keyholders, etc. going on sale as well.
  4. Was just at Costa Mesa yesterday - no leather goods on sale, only end of season clothing andmaybe some decorative.
  5. definitely shoes
  6. do you all know when the sale starts? Me and mom are eye-ing for some shoes, but I'm not in US next month so I'll have to ask my bf to lurk for me at the H store here...

  7. Is it sale time at SCP ?
  8. At the last SF sale they had Garden Parties (orange and vert only) scarves, RTW, belts, and shoes. I'm hoping they'll have GPs again this time...:graucho:
  9. Ala Moana is only going to have shoes and RTW. Their sale starts in a few days.