What will be a reasonable price I should ask for my Spy?

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  1. I am planning to sell one of my spy on ebay, what will be a reasonable price for a good used spy? in cognac color?
  2. They retail around 2000? I would say at least 1500... Cognac is beautiful!!
  3. Yes Cognac is the most beautiful color in my opinion. I am 50/50 now.. not really sure i should sell it or not.. but I feel like getting a garden party or balenciaga twiggy at the same time...

    I wish i have a rich husband or dad !!
  4. Depending on the condition, I think $1800 is a good price.
  5. If it's close to mint then I agree with Tammy, I would ask for $1800. Especially considering that they are not going to be continuing the spy and the cognac color. I wouldn't go too much lower than that, because then people start second-guessing too many things. Not to mention that the bag isn't old.

    What color B-bag are you thinking about getting??
  6. I just ran a "Completed Items" report - the highest sold for $1850, it was hard to really tell the lowest because there's been over 1200 Fendi, Spy auctions! Oh yeah, I'm SURE they were ALL authentic! :rollingeyes:
  7. The amount of fake Fendi Spy Bags is unreal! Too many dishonest sellers. There is a website out of Boston, called the Turnabout shop, they only sell authentic items on consignment. It is a thought. www.turnaboutshoppe.com
  8. I am planning to ask for $1700 isnt that reasonable? is Fendi going to discontinue Spy bag??
  9. Don't think so. The SA here says that they don't repeat seasonal colors, but they do repeat the neutral ones.
  10. Let me know if and when you list this bag, I'll consider it. I don't have a spy bag in that color