What/when was your last non-H bag purchase?

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  1. For yourself, that is, gifts don't count! ...or can you remember that far back? ;)

    I was just thinking about this today and I realized that the last non Hermes bag purchase I made was awhile back. It was a Chanel Cambon Reporter and matching ballerina flats when the Cambon line first came out! Wow, it really has been awhile...

    I just find myself thinking of things in H terms now. I mean, $$$ spent elsewhere takes away from my perpetual H fund, if that makes any sense. There's always something Hermes that I "NEED". :graucho:
  2. Many eons ago.
  3. I bought (yet another!) Alberta Ferretti item the other day...does that count?
  4. Last January but that's also the month my H obsession really took over. In Feb I bought my first Kelly and I haven't looked back since. I haven't even used a non H bag this summer and I've got a closet full of those :rolleyes:
  5. ha! good question. I recently bought a LV cosmetic pouch as an organizer for my birkin.
  6. I thought that Hermes would be the last bag I would ever buy but it turned out not to be true. I bought a L.L. Bean canvas tote early this summer because I didnt feel like stretching my birkin with books anymore
  7. May of this year - purchased a white Prada deerskin hobo. It has since gone to another loving home so I could fuel my growing H obsession :shame:
  8. GF, I reckon we see eachother on a frequent basis around the Sydney traps and just don't know it. My favourite (non-H) boutique just got their Alberta Ferretti shipment in, and I was perving at it yesterday. :graucho:

    As for me, my last non-H bag purchase was a Balenciaga a little over a year now. Very sad, but I'm now selling it.
  9. December 2005 - LV perle vernis Minna Street. Very cute cream-colored patent leather messenger bag. Not that I wear it any more....
  10. ^ I'm far too scared to approach an unknown woman and declare "is that you, ******"?? Just in case I get accused of being a stalker - LOL!!!!! If I bumped into you at our boutique, I'd know you, for sure!!!!
  11. ^^LOL! Yeah, I couldn't declare "Is that you, *****??" either. So funny.
  12. i broke down and bought two chanel little clutch size classics with the shoulder chain for date bags or evening when a kelly was just too big. i used the black one last week but the tan one is still sitting in my closet waiting for an occasion to go out.
  13. last bag bought was a couple of goyards last year! let's just say 2 goyards is enough for me - no more!
  14. LOL...it almost was tonight, but I was too lazy to get on the Interstate to go purchase it!
  15. Chanel classic flap in black caviar with gold hardware, back in November 2006.