what what you choose?????

  1. If you could buy an LV bag for $1000 or less, what would you get??????:wlae:
  2. Well, for right NOW I would get the Saleya MM....I have the PM and :heart: it, but would really like it just a little bit bigger! :yes: This could all change tomorrow though! LOL
  3. The Lockit Horizontal falls just under that and it's calling my name.

    Patent is in right now and the Vernis is delicious in style or out of it, so the Sac Maple and the Biscayne Bay PM would definitely be on my list, too!
  4. argh i don't know. could i chose a illovo mm (660) and then use the extra money to buy a wallet or cles or something?
  5. speedy 25!
  6. One of the monogram lockit bags.
  7. lockit
  8. I like the Lock it too.
  9. I'd add 80$ and get the Epi Jasmin in either black or red :p
  10. Heeey no cheating :lol:

    I'm into that lockit vertical right now!:nuts:
  11. Batignolles, but the Lock it is cute too
  12. Wwelll..if that is CDN $ I would spend ane xtra $110 and get my LH....other than that...nothing really fancies me for under $1000...oh maybe a Saleya PM in azur.
  13. Today I would get the mono petite bucket.
    Tomorrow, it may change!
  14. vernis houston
  15. For me it is the Damier azure speedy 30!