What what bag would you choose.

  1. White GST or white jumbo flap? I love both, I dress up for work and the GST would be more practical, but that white jumbo is just tdf!!! help
  2. GST for meee!:biggrin:
  3. white jumbo
  4. jumbo flap
  5. white jumbo flap
  6. A white jumbo flap with silver h/w sounds yummy! :smile: If you need something to fit files, etc. then I would get the white GST... good luck!

  7. white jumbo
  8. I say GST, although it really depends on your body type, style, and what kind of use you want out of it, but today I tried on a white jumbo flap and it really looked bad on me. I've seen it look great on other people but on my 5'6" and 110lb frame it looked like I was a little girl wearing my moms purse. The GST looked much better on me somehow, but then I prefer smaller bags anyway and came home with the PST......
  9. Jumbo flap. Such a classy bag...
  10. i like jumbo better actually..but i guess GST would be more practical as a work bag.
  11. GST for me too :smile:
  12. White GST
  13. i like the GST a bit more..maybe it's also because of my frame. im 5'2" - 105 pounds and the jumbo looks too big on me. but ive seen it on other people and it looks beautiful!
  14. Jumbo!!
  15. GST is cheaper,lol but I love that jumbo!!!! I like them both as they are both pure white and most of my bags are cream and darker whites. I am also waitlisted for white cabas.