what were your reasons to let go of a bag?


Jun 6, 2019
I see many people debate over letting go of a bag, sometimes people regret doing it and sometimes don't. Most of the time the big reason is that they don't use it. Personally, most of the time I buy something because I love it, frequency to how often it gets used doesn't really bother me, i get a lot of joy even just looking at them every now and then. especially with chanel the chances are you won't see the specific style again. having said that, I have to say I did sell one bag in the past because it was an impulse purchase(more a purchase regret), even i lost money in selling it, I just wanted it to be out of my sight. what were your reasons to selling a bag? just purely because you don't use it even if you still love it?


Jan 29, 2018
I have a couple of bags I sold that I regret, reason being is “because I don’t use it”. I realise our needs change over the years, so what I may not need now, I might like later.

I was going to sell my Chanel medium classic flap (caviar ghw), as I didn’t use it much because it was too small. But once I changed to a compact wallet and learnt minimalism, I love the bag. I would regret it so much if I sold it earlier!

Now I only sell a bag if there’s a legit reason, e.g.if an ex gave it to me Lol.
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May 11, 2014
I sold my lambskin m/l and never look back because the leather wasn’t for me. Like you the frequency of use doesn’t bother me, whether or not the bag will bring me joy is the deciding factor to sell.


Apr 15, 2006
I have sold many bags over the years (mostly LV, YSL, Balenciaga). I have never sold a Chanel...until now. I never even thought I'd ever sell any of my chanels. But I finally decided to put up my red double zip clutch with chain for sale. It's a cute bag, but i never loved it, and it really doesn't serve any purpose for me. My acquisition of minis after the clutch basically replaced my need for the clutch. It just is too small for my lifestyle (as a mother of a toddler).
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Sep 2, 2006
I had been looking for the perfect red classic for three years and ended up purchasing the 19b red because it looked amazing in pictures. When I was at the Chanel store, it was very difficult to see the true color, but I ended up purchasing it. Over the next few days, I could see that it just wasnt as vibrant IRL. I think maybe its because the caviar is very shiny, which somehow makes the color less saturated. I ended up selling it, and haven’t regretted it. Sometimes I see pictures of the 19b red and think “should I have kept it?” But remind myself that this bag only really looks amazing in pictures, not IRL, IMO.
I ended up purchasing the 20s red which is much more saturated and vibrant red, and I think it will have to take an absolutely crazy vibrant red in the future collections for me to sell this one, because it really is so pretty, my 20s :love:


Feb 26, 2013
Southern CA
I'm not much of an "impulse" purchaser. I tend to do my research and know exactly what spot the bag will fill for me. I have only sold two bags: a YSL mini bag that I should never have bought because I really wanted a Chanel WOC (which I ended up buying); and an LV Artsy because I wanted a Chanel bag (the 19) and was feeling that I had too many bags. This particular Artsy I used less than my other two, so I let it go. No regrets. :smile:


Jan 19, 2020
I sold a navy with black hardware reissue 227 I purchased back in 2008/2009 to buy a black caviar jumbo shw. I believe that’s when the reissue bags first launched. IMO the first reissue bags didn’t have good quality and looked like topshop bags. I do like the newer styles now though as I feel the chains look more expensive! I’m still a cc lock girl and My jumbo remains my favourite bag :smile:
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Apr 5, 2014
I have never sold a single bag. I have toyed with the idea. Submitted pictures but the pain of losing so much money means I prefer to keep them (then try harder to use them). Some bad low ball offers. Counterintuitive I know but it works for me.


Dec 18, 2009
Manchester, UK
I sold an 18s square mini because I prefer the smaller grain caviar in 18b. I know for many 18s was sought after but I’ve never regretted letting it go especially as I replaced it with the 18b and got the strap lengthened on that so never looked back. Best thing I ever did!


Mar 8, 2019
The jumbo lambskin ghw was my first Chanel bag, beautiful to look at and luxurious to the touch simply so happy (when buying it). But why I got rid off it cos it was so heavy (for me) killing my shoulcers even when I reduced everything to minimum and still causing pain. Beside I have never used it as it was in lambskin ghw so too flashy for daytime and too big for nighttime. That was a definitely costly purchase regret.


Mar 26, 2015
Didn't fit my phone has usually been the reason. So, basically, I outgrew some bags and had to move on. Had to release my wocs and minis along the way.
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Jul 5, 2012
I’ve only sold bags when I’ve felt like I was settling for something different from what I actually wanted. I was offered a lambskin boy, even though I usually only go for caviar. Sold that. Obvious and silly choice. I tried finding the perfect lipstick red from Fashionphile. Wasn’t the perfect red when I received it, returned it. Now I have both exactly how I want them.

Found the perfect red in a caviar mini rectangular. & my new medium 2014 caviar black quilted boy. They make my heart flutter. I’ve realized there no point in settling for something and the item will appear eventually.


Feb 25, 2015
Garden City
I will sell every one of my Chanels if they brings great profit, I had lost some money on a few Chanel bags to learn my lessons and made some great profits on others, such as paid $500 sold for $1400 in hand or paid $800 sold for $2,000 in hand, Chanel is a gold mine, high risk but high return too, oh, almost forgot... one Chanel bag I bought for $1,000 sold for over $4,000... I love Chanel!
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Sep 5, 2013
I usually will sell one to fund a new bag.
Most of the time I sell bags that are in lighter colors, I tend to fall out of love with them quicker and reach for those less than darker (black) bags. Its funny I would always contemplate in buying a beautiful color bag over dark more practical colors, then end up selling.


Dec 11, 2012
jeddah, KSA
I have never sold any of my bags so far. And i don’t think i will ever sell any chanel or hermes bag. But i have been thinking about selling few lv and dior bags which i have not used for ages, like in ten years time, as well as for the ones that have been very much used and show signs of use and tear. I only have 3 bags which are brand new and i believe they will be better in a new home. They are all gabriela hearst bags, two of which were an impulse buy and one received as a gift. But then again i only think about selling and i never take action:doh::smile: