What were your obsessions before LV?

  1. We're definitely all pretty obsessed with LV... I was sitting here, and compared my present LV fascination with my past obsessions.

    My first was Lisa Frank. You all better know Lisa Frank.

    That was around age 12. I couldn't get enough stationery sets, sticker packs, pencils, jewelry kits, etc. I even had Lisa Frank temporary tattoos.


    After Lisa Frank, it was Roxy Quiksilver. All my clothes had to be Roxy. I would buy anything that said Roxy on it. Unfortunately, this obsession was brought to an end when I tried surfing (Roxy girls surf, of course). People who get motion sick should not try paddling out in choppy conditions. Let's just say it was not good. :throwup:


    Those are the two major obsessions I remember. I had mini Gucci and Fendi obsessions, but neither lasted too long. I've been on LV for several years now, and it shows no sign of stopping.
  2. I was obsessed with Guess bags and Ecko Red clothing for the longest time. They were much cheaper obsessions than what I have now that's for sure! :roflmfao:
  3. hmmm.... for me it was (and still is, aside from LV) HELLO KITTY!!! most of my former obsessions still exist... just in a matured fashion! so here are my "former" obsessions: jeans (seven or abercrombie), shoes (pumps, boots, flip-flops, pumps, and trainers (i only used to like trainers.... go figure...)), abercrombie sweaters/sweatshirts (HAS to be abercrombie or better, or i won't wear it), coats (peacoats and blazers), and soooo many more... i loooove clothes
  4. I used to love Sanrio! :love:
  5. Hmm...Can't even remember when the LV obsession starts, but defn from age 5 when my dad bought me my first pair of custom-made Bally shoes from Italy...Since then, the designer fetish started well more than 20 years ago...
  6. yeah I remember Lisa Frank! Loved all the cute stuff. As for bags, I had a lot of Roxy ones. My first designer bag obsession was Coach in high school. I had a small Gucci/Burberry phase, but sold them all for more LV. LV obsession started maybe 4 years ago.

    Oh yeah Sanrio, used to go there all the time and drove my mom crazy when I was little! Still love Hello Kitty though.
  7. GUESS bags and makeup/skincare products lol
  8. Bbag & Gucci & Marc Jacobs...
  9. Aww Lisa Frank. I always had to get every new folder they'd come out with and I was in the club lol. I loved the gumball machine design too but that was a little before my time so they didn't sell anything of it when I was into it.
    I also loved and still love Sanrio..and also Bonne Bell (any and all lip glosses, lipsticks and chapsticks).
  10. Past obsessions have been anything Sanrio, Paul Frank, Guess bags, anything Coach.
  11. I was obsessed with coach!
    i loved it somuch i want this form coach and that form coach then my best friend got me into louis vuitton and i just love it to death!
  12. gucci
  13. Coach and Dior. I loved them.
  14. Hmmm when I was around 13/14, I was obsessed with Tamagotchi's - you know - the little electronic pet thingys. I had like 10 lol!

    After that it was lip gloss...I swear to god I had a drawer full of them...I had over 200...that's just plain scary.

    Nowadays it's clothes, LV, Chloe and Marc Jacobs lol!!!!!
  15. Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. I had (okay, still have) purses, shirts, pajamas, you name it. I love Tim Burton and Danny Elfman...for their minds, of course!