What were your firsts.....

  1. Ok, ladies I am curious what was everyone's firsts...FIRST meaning handbags. hehehe.

    I know we all love :heart: Chanel...but we had to start somewhere with our love of bags - so what was your first designer bag.

    1.) What was your first designer type bag / purse?
    This means your first fancy bag as a pre-teen, teen or young adult...but your first notable bag.

    2.) What was your first CHANEL?

    My first designer bag was a FENDI much like the style of the LV Speedy.

    My first Chanel was the Caviar Classic Flap in white. Now, I have four Chanels and growing...:smile:
  2. My first designer handbag was the Dooney It Barrel Bag in Bubblegum Pink. My parents bought it for me as my 16th Birthday gift...:smile: very sentimental

    As for my first Chanel, it was the Vintage Lambskin White Flap that I got from a fellow Pfer. Currently, I own 2 Chanels - the white flap and my Black GST (hopefully I'll have one more by June!)
  3. My first designer bag was a Coach about 20 years ago. Kind of a bucket style.
    My first Chanel was a black lambskin medium classic w/silver h/w.
  4. 1. coach backpack. my mom bought it for me for my 8th grade graduation.
    2. my mom gave me her chanel from the 80s right before my senior prom. however, my first actual chanel was a white on black medium cambon tote.
  5. First designer was LV mono papillon and first Chanel was CC pochette :heart: :heart: :heart: Which of course won't be my last
  6. first designer bag was a dooney and burke bag a gift from parents. My first chanel bag was a medium classic flap bag in lambskin. Now I am an addict!
  7. My first designer bag was an LV Petite Noe when I was 21.
    First Chanel was a white caviar e/w with silver hardware
  8. My fist designer bag was a Mullberry which I got right after highschool graduation and my first Chanel was the grey reissue which I just bought this January.
  9. 1. first designer bag was a LV epi blue pochette.

    2. first chanel was a beige pochette
  10. first designer was a dior for the hardcore collection.
    first chanel bag...still deciding!!! I'm the most indecisive person. Hopefully will have a few by the end of the summer!
  11. my first "bag" was a black kate spade tote i received for my bat-mitzvah.
    my first chanel was the black caviar zip petite shopper in march.
  12. my first bag was from Coach...my first chanel was the large cambon tote with patent cc's...and then i got the matching long wallet...and now i have the black gst with s/h
  13. My First Fancy Bag was a Speedy 30 Monogram. But when I got it. I lost my passion with it.

    My First Chanel Handbag is a Black Lambskin Flap with Gold Hardware. Sold it because I got the Jumbo too (one in caviar and one in lambskin) and too many blacks is not necessary.
  14. my 1st "designer" bag was a a Gucci east-west type bag that my grandma gave me (and its still going strong!)

    my 1st chanel was the washed lambskin classic flap in black, and its probably my fave chanel still :yes:
  15. My first designer anything was a LV wallet/passport holder and then an LV organiser
    My first handbag was a LV vernis backpack that I had seen Victoria Beckham toting around, it was so cute - she sadly now sits in my wardrobe, I'll never sell her because of sentimental reasons so I'll probably give her to my baby girl when she's old enough.