What were your 1st pair and why?

  1. I have been dying to get a pair of Louboutins but the couple of times I went to Saks I didn't see any styles I loved or that were comfortable enough, so I walked away not empty handed but with shoes by different designers. This past Friday i went back to Saks and FINALLY got a pair! Bamboo Black Suede Peeptoe Pumps. Unfortunately they didn't have my size in the store but the SA was wonderful and ordered them for me from another location. I cannot wait for them to arrive. I am even planning my next Louboutin purchse :graucho:
  2. My first pair were black patent No Prives 90mm. I had my eye on a gorgeous pair of silver python Titis on Evilbay to wear to my friend's wedding, but sadly got outbid. Then I realised I would have only worn the Titis once, so looked for something more 'sensible' instead and ended up with my No Prives. I've since picked up a few others...
  3. My first pair was the Yoyo Zeppas in leopard pony hair. DH bought them for me because he liked the leopard print, even though I was so unaccustomed to the heel height that I could barely walk across the room when trying them on. I think I wore them twice, put them away for about 4-5 years while I swore off CLs, had a baby, then got them out again a few months ago. Now they are one of my most comfortable heels :biggrin:
  4. My first Louboutins were the Pigalle 120mm in Nude. They're so classic, chic, sexy, and I've been drooling over them for ages. I'm only 20 though, so I guess it's somewhat young to own a pair of Christian Louboutin Pumps but after saving $$ from my internship this summer I decided it was time to take the plunge! I'm so excited to step into my junior year of college sporting these gorgeous crimson soles, especially knowing that I paid for them on my own!
  5. My first pair were Yoyos 85 and wayyyy too narrow for my wide feet so had to sell them :sad:
  6. My first pair was a Bianca 120mm in Turquoise suede, bought a couple of months ago. The colour is the epitome of "summer" for me and makes my heart sing. I walked into the shop, first time ever, it was the first pair I saw, it was my size, fitted me perfectly, was comfortable to walk in, so came home with me. Will always be special for me.
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  7. First pair was black lady peep. Wore them twice and sold them b/c they were too high. Coudn't walk in them to save my life. Ended up getting black banane to replace them.
  8. Oh, you have to WALK in them? I just look at them and pet them once in awhile. I can't walk in any of them for more than a few minutes. Never got the action quite right, although I do repeat to myself, "heel, toe; heel toe" so that I don't fall over in mid-step.:p

  9. Lol..I know what you mean!! Banane are better than lady peep, but still can't wear them without having a couple of cocktails to ease the pain ;)
  10. Pigalle Plato nude. They are my fave pair super comfortable too.
  11. My first pair that I bought were Sharka 70's, but the first pair that fit and actually got kept were black patent leather simple 70's. I still have the simples today and have worn them many many times.
  12. my first were the brown glitterart ronrons (from the infamous Saks fire sale, should have bought so much more!). i sold them though because i have shoe ADD lol.
  13. I just got my first pair 2 weeks ago.. black fifi's & I absolutely love them!