What were your 1st pair and why?

  1. Magenta sixties-started on e-bay and didn't go for the big bucks (then)!
  2. Black patent new simples. I wanted black patent for versatility and easiness in dressing up or down, and I picked the new simples because the platform made them easier for me to adjust to the heel height.
  3. Simple pumps in Bronze Python
  4. Black espadrilles on sale a couple of summers ago. I love espadrilles and they were a great deal at Saks.
  5. My very first pair which I returned were the MC Glitter NPs which I regret to this day!!! I was looking for wedding shoes and it just didn't go well with my dress when they arrived but then my first pair that I kept were Nude Satin Tamiflu's which I wore to my wedding :smile:
  6. i have two i consider FIRSTS...

    my first FIRST one was a pair of gold flip-flops i bought years and years ago, just because they looked so good on my feet, and i really was not able to wear super high heels then

    my second FIRST was BLACK KID HELMUTS... my 1st CL :heart: saw them on gwyneth paltrow and kirsten dunst on the red carpet, and i was like WOW... who makes those shoes... it wasn't several years after i saw them that i finally got up the nerve to buy them... i never thought i could walk in 4 inch heels!

    well, that was then, this is now!:p
  7. black kid leather vp's w/ burgundy tip. theyre pretty and its one of the classics, thats why i got 'em:biggrin:.
  8. My first pair were the leopard patent NP's with gold tip - I'd been lusting after CLs for a while, but when I saw ally143's, I knew that I HAD to get them because nobody does leopard print like Msr. Louboutin!
  9. My first pair were black kid VP's with red tip.. I've seen them on various people, and I just realized that I HAD to have them ;)
  10. Black patent decolletes! They're sexy and classic - I even chose them over VPs.
  11. My green satin Pigalle 100s! I remember falling in love with the 120s in a magazine, so when I saw them on eBay, I had to have them.
  12. My first pair were red yoyozeppas. Unfortunately they were a back up choice to my first love, the Very Prive. A lot of my early pieces in my collection were sloppy seconds to what I really wanted, but were not yet available to me. Nor did I have the knowledge that I do now thanks to tpf. Now I have a lot of what I wanted in the first place, again thanks to tpf.
  13. Electric blue pigalle 100... to match my electric blue Balenciaga ;)
  14. two-tone blue espadrilles because i thought they were so cute. they wrapped around the ankle.
  15. My ivory Jaws which I got on eBay