What were you thinking Monsieur Louboutin?

  1. I know that there are many of you Louboutin lovers and addicts in this forum so I am wondering if there were any Louboutin styles from the current or past seasons that were simply not your style or questioned the inner fashionista in you to declare them a fashion "dont".

    I hope to not offend any of you lovely ladies but I while I do see many of us here owning very similar styles of Louboutins which are the ones that cause you to shake your head and wonder ...What were you thinking Monsieur Louboutin?

    Here is one that comes to mind the Mohair pump
  2. It falls into the same category as the hairy prada bag released this year. Wear it in good health. After you have your rabies shot.
  3. From far away, they kind of look like they're on fire... I would love to see a photo of this shoe with an outfit - this to me is a "rock star" shoe - the kind of shoe that works with serious attitude. it breaks the rules.
  4. yes, I agree, in real life, in the real world, I cannot see the mohair shoe working!!! but I would love to see a picture os somebody wearing them, to see what they look like on!!! :biggrin:
  5. I couldnt find any pictures with anyone wearing the mohairs, I guess I would be curious too.

    here are some more I found on eBay. Not so sure I want tassels and feathers ...
    Feathers.jpg Tassel.jpg
  6. WHOA! I almost like the tassle ones. But if I wore them I think my friends & family would stare!:yes::p
  7. Yeah, I'm not digging those shoes at all...
  8. Just looking at those mohair shoes makes me want to start scratching. I can imagine the ones with the tassels would get stuff stuck in them.
  9. Horrible shoes those mohair!
  10. I believe the tassle heel used to be his signature, before the red sole became so popular. I remember seeing many Louboutins at Saks and Neimans with the tassle heel in varying heights and styles, a few years back.
  11. interesting .. I only remember him doing tassels in the 2006 collection.

    In any case heres another one from the fall 2005 collection ..
  12. ^omg those are hideous! reminds me of that movie "JAWS" lol
  13. Here is one that comes to mind the Mohair pump[/quote]

    Wow, I have always thought those were super cute. I could see them with a simple black skirt with black opaque tights--if I wore heels that high to work I'd totally have bought them! :p
  14. Agreed, the mohair is awful in my opinion!
  15. omg what is up with those fish shoes? sooo very wrong! :yucky: