What were they thinking?

  1. Although we love Gucci -and we know it- sometimes we figured what were the designers thinking when they created "not-so-pleasant-to-the-human-eye" bags. Name/post pics. If possible of the most _____ <---blank :nuts:(I didn't want to say "ugly"):nogood: Gucci bags of all times.

  2. Gucci pigna :throwup:
  3. OOH..Post pics too...LOL!
  4. :p
  5. OOH..I totally agree...LMAO^
  6. id like to second that nomination!! :sad: exp the beaded verison (or were they all like that!) eekkkk!
  7. I have to agree that is god awful ugly.
  8. Hate the print, but I like the shape though...
  9. why would you like pineapples on your bag?
  10. :roflmfao: