What were they THINKING?

  1. taaaaaaaacky
  2. What is it? A cufflink?
  3. A . . . ring . . . gag.
  4. :confused1: What is it?
  5. yeah.. uhh.. i really don't like that! :push:
  6. looks like a freebie that comes in your cereal box... hehe
  7. Oh...wow...it seems they're taking the "inclusion" theme to whole new level...:lol:
  8. I saw these at the boutique yesterday... they looked ok. I wouldn't wear one though. :hrmm:
  9. Guess I'm the freak here...I like it.
  10. Is it really made by Louis Vuitton? I never knew of that.
  11. ^^^^ Yup, they were in a glass case below the sunnies.
  12. ewww- looks like a cheap piece of glass!
  13. I didn't know that, thanks John!
  14. Interesting.
    I prefer the Inclusion line, at least those have the gorgeous Strass crystals.