What were the first signs that you were pregnant?

  1. Ok, just wondering, since everyone is different.....what were some of your first symptoms that you were pregnant?
  2. we took a trip to Texas and all i wanted to eat was pickled with kool-aid. i knew that the craving wasnn't right so as soon as i got there i decided to take the test because i had heard that that could be a sign and sure enough
  3. i didn't have any morning sickness, wasn't until 6 weeks later i missed my period, which is pretty unsual for me that i decide to get a kit.
  4. Before missing my period, I remember getting up in the middle of the night to pee.. something I NEVER do. lol. And I'm still getting up atleast once per night to pee too... it's a bummer. lol
  5. MAJOR ta ta sensitivity, hurt to bump into them!
  6. Prior to missing my period, we boarded a flight to Germany. I had horrible chills and nausea. I thought it was the cabin pressure giving me the flu-like symptoms.
    I was also thirsty and craved icy cold fruity drinks like slushes.
  7. With baby number 1 it was my period being late. With baby #2 I was still breast feeding so period was all off but I started exercising and doing sit ups but my stomach was getting bigger and bigger. Boy, was I sooooo surprised when the test was POSITIVE!! LOL
  8. Within a day of our conception date, mentally I SUDDENLY lost all sexual desire AND felt "satisfied."
    Physically, cervical mucous- all gone!
    The deed was done...:tup:
  9. missing my period, cause usually my cycle was always regular
  10. missing period.
  11. Missed period. I was always very regular, so it was strange for it to be late.

    Sensitive & full/heavy feeling breasts. Like Swanky said, it hurt to bump into them.
  12. Well first is you missed your period. Second, I always wanted to sleep, even though I'm an outgoing person.. I could never stay at home for a minute... But when I was on my first month, I spent my whole 3 week annual leave sleeping! What else?! Well, I'm not much of a vomit person and morning sicknesses (like as if you have nausea / cold only in the morning) but I did have blood spotting on my 2 pregnancies. This happened on my 3rd week. Both of them. I really thought it was a mild, mild, mild menstruation, but it is actually a sign that I was pregnant. Hope that helps!
  13. Um, a positive HPT. We were trying and I got one at cycle day 23. I was anxious. :p
  14. Major case of radar nose.
  15. My period was late, but I never had regular periods anyway so it wasn't a major concern. But then I started feeling constantly like I was going to start my period and never did...I was always crampy and tired alot...after a couple of weeks of this we finally decided to get a test and it was positive! My husband thought I was pregnant before we took the test, but I didn't think so...big shocker for me!!!