What were the colours of Paddington 05's?

  1. I've hear Naturel, Sable and Craie are all different shades from 05.
    I am not sure if that's correct or not, and I was wondering what the other colours were.
    Thank You!!

    (ps- I hate spelling things wrong and my anal ways are forcing me to mention I'm not spelling colours wrong ;) Only Americans drop the "u")
  2. Not sure but what about Mousse, bleu claire, anthracite, whiskey, chocolate, grenat?

    I am clueless, I was just taking a stab at it. Roey or one of the others will surely be able to answer this for you!
  3. Let's see, bleu claire, anthracite and whiskey came out late 05 but are actually part of the 06 color collection.

    05 was tan, chocolate (dark brown actually preceeded chocolate in the first season), red, grenat, black, craie, naturel and sable. There could be more I'm forgetting.
  4. See, I knew Roey would know! You rock Roey!:flowers:
  5. Thanks Roey!!!!