What were some of the greatest Chloe sales ever?

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  1. Was it the NM 4-day sale in July? Aloha Rag? Just trying to "schedule" future purchases, hehe...:graucho:
  2. I'd say definitley the NM 4 day sale...some of the bags were more than 60% off! Aloha Rag does a maximum of 50% off as far as I've seen!
  3. NM definitely tops with the 4 day sale, the prices were as low as I've seen-- also, Saks has some good markdowns at times.
  4. the one i just scored with! yahoooooooo!
  5. I would have to say the chloes at NR are the best prices I've ever seen and the regular Nordies sale prices are great too!
  6. Hi Ali, what is NR? Please excuse my ignorance. :p
  7. It is Nordstrom Rack.:yes:
  8. Ah I see! Thanks bagatell! :tup:
  9. The LVR sale on the whiskey bowler style paddy was nice. I am having a brain freeze today so pardon my memory of the name.
  10. AR had a nice sale before XMas last year. If you want specific dates on when some sales were, I can post later. I keep a spreadsheet on what I bought when, for how much.
  11. ^^^^Shouldn't they be due for another sale soon? They haven't had one in a while!

  12. What's AR? BTW, it;s so cool that you keep a spreadsheet...I wish I could be that organized!

    OK, duh, I'm slow...AR=Aloha Rag
  13. LOL, thanks for asking & answering the AR question for me, bagatella! :p
    noshoepolish - You're so organized! Yes I'd be interested to know the specific sales dates info, TIA!:tup:
  14. ^^AR is aloharag.com, they're located in Hawaii I believe.
  15. Thats soooo cool that you keep a spreadsheet with dates and stuff! I have always wanted to do something like that but never got to it.....too many people to take care of in my house right now(3 kids + 1 husband, who's really just another kid IMO;););)).

    Do let us know what you have for sale dates!