What were / are your "silly" birthing fears??

  1. I was absolutely terrified that I was going to poop while I was giving birth. :wtf: :yucky: :shame:
  2. OMG, I was just going to post that! I didn't care if I did anything else but I DID NOT want to poop! Luckily, I didn't, but honestly, if I did, at the point I was in labor, I don't think I would have cared!!!
  3. hahaha, I didn't poop either and I don't think I would have cared (or even noticed)...but I would have definitely been mortified afterwards :smile:
  4. I thought I would scream. The lady giving birth in the next room was a screamer and I had to listen to her for hours while I was in labor and I though OMG what if I did the same thing??? Lucky I was very quiet.....
  5. Was really dreading having a nurse help me go to the bathroom after birth. At my hospital you had to urinate to get discharged out of labor/delivery.

    I can barely use a public restroom and had to run water to go.
  6. totally the pooping thing! DH always jokes that he's going to ask about that in our childbirth class:nogood::shame:
  7. Pooping. I didnt, but I did pee in my bed-haha. My nurse was horrible so in a sick way I was happy & considered it payback.
  8. LOL, add me for the poop thing!
  9. I too was afraid of pooping.
  10. My friend is a doctor and said that a lot of women poop during labor, but they are in so much pain that most of the time, they don't notice. I don't have any kids yet, but this is definitely one of my fears as well!

  11. I had a nurse tell me the same. She said a good majority of women poop but the nurses clean it so quick you never even know. She also said that usually if the mom asks if they pooped, they will say no. It really is no big deal. Even now I think who cares really if I would have pooped. They tell you to push like you are having a bowel movement, anyway.
    Nurses clean bodily fluids all the time I cant imagine they would even give it a second thought.
  12. My "silly" fear is the burning pain of the epidural being administered. I've heard everything from "you don't even feel it" to "I cried because it the burning was so bad". I'm hoping I'm one of those who doesn't feel it very much! Silly fear when you consider the good the epdiural is doing...
  13. I am afraid of the whole freakin' thing!!! I will be totally honest. I am afraid of the contractions, of the labor, the epidural, the possibility of tearing the whole nine. I am a huge wimp for needles though. I scream when I get my blood drawn. No joke.....but somehow the hopes for a baby make you put all of that aside.
  14. I hate needles too, but I was in so much pain from my contractions that I was begging for an epidural! And then I felt nothing so it was totally worth it!
  15. I had two fears - poop and needing to be sponge bathed for clean - up afterwards. Well, guess what - BOTH fears came to be.

    I BARELY noticed that I pooped (didn't second time). I was pushing and next thing I know a chuck under my butt was quickly folded in half and thrown away - like in two seconds flat. i BARELY noticed and had to ask my DH afterwards, "Did I poop" and "yep" was the answer.... and while it's embarassing to think about it, it was also so obvious an "expected" thing.

    Then, with my first birth I hemorrhaged and couldn't get up out of bed without assistance becuase I was so weak. So, she gave me a sponge bath to clean me up and you know what, it actually felt good to have the warm water on my legs and back and pubic area (I had gotten quite messy from the hemorrhage)...

    I also didn't want to be NAKED because i was self conscious about my body, but after I was in labor for awhile, I was in the room buck naked after coming out of the showers and coming back to the bed. I SOOOO didn't care. it was the nurse who would put this HUGE preheated bath towel around me to keep me warm...

    My mom always told me that I would lose my modesty after having a baby, and well, she was right! LOL