What weird things do you do???

  1. So I was sitting in church today with my Khaki Classique in my lap, not wedged between me and the person next to me, or on the floor. And I even took it with me for communion, hesitating to leave her unattended. The funny thing is, I wouldn't have been this cautious about my Speedy 25. Is anyone else the same way???
  2. oh yes i do.... :yes:
  3. i tend to be more careful with my b-bags and chanel bags.....i treat my lv bags pretty crappy
  4. I wont EVER EVER EVER put my pony city on the floor....i usually stick a plastic bag in my bag so i can **discreetly** place her on it while at school...but sometimes i forget and have to be resourceful....I once even put my cashmere burberry scarf on the floor to set her on top of it....sometimes I don't even want to leave her when I walk to the trash to throw something out.....but she is the only bag I baby like this...
  5. Heehee – great thread, tnc! Ok, I admit I am a freak [​IMG] when it comes to keeping my bags nice and neat. I get so irritated when those little fuzz balls and what not collect on the bottom of the black cloth inside. So to prevent that from happening, I’ve started laying out the dust bag inside my bags and put my stuff on top!
    One advantage I’ve learned by doing this – I can switch bags much faster b/c all I need to do is hoist it up and put everything in the next bag. ;)
  6. MMMmmm... yes says a girl who once made a 'bed' for her twiggy on her office desk to ensure she didnt get damaged
  7. I treat all my bags with loving care.:smile:

    When its raining, I 'd rather not go out than risk having my bags soaked in the rain. I don't have bags for rainy days you see. Everyone of them is precious to me.
  8. on my lap ALWAYS, with one arm under the strap to ensure safety. And my cashmere coach scarf now covers it as well jsut in case these days.
  9. When I am in church, I will usually put my B bag on the seat. But I 'll be careful to move it away if I sense someone behind about to sneeze or cough into my bag.
  10. I'll glance at my b-bag (whether sitting on the bed, hanging on a chair somewhere in a restaurant) and think I see stains, which is actually the glare of lights creating highlights and shadows and I grab my bag and inspect it several times before making sure it was just the lighting then I set it down... yeah, I know.... p.s.y.c.h.o..... right?!
  11. CLASSIC :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. well then i am right there with you. every time i bump/brush into something or someone I always do a scratch check!
  13. omg I did that early today when I waiting for the elevator (thought i saw a dirt spot...nonexistent....) and the elevator came and the people in it looked at me like I was on drugs...:p

    and the other day on the escalator at macy's this girl behind me STEPPED ON MY TASSEL... my boyfriend shot her a "you don't even know what you just did but....RUN" look.... :p
  14. i'm the same way! esp if someone bumps into my bag.

    when i'm at church, my bbag always goes w/ me during communion.
  15. tnc, definitely did a similar thing in church yesterday as you. Luckily enough there was enough room between people on the pews, so I placed my coat on the space beside me and propped my Besace on my coat. During ash and communion I brought the bag with me -- just something that's done in the normal course of masses in DC. If I'd attended mass in VA, though, I'd have been able to leave my bag on my seat, no problem.

    On bumping against someone/thing, I DEFINITELY do a scratch check. Psycho? No, not at all. Anal? ABSOLUTELY!