What weird foods does your pet like to eat?

  1. I've got 2 cats, a female bengal called Lucile and a male Burmese called Ezekiel. Lucile isn't very adventurous when it comes to her food. But my Ezekiel will eat almost anything... Obviously, these aren't weird foods for people but they're pretty weird for a cat. He loves eating

    - raw avocado
    - pitted olives
    - unsalted peanuts with the skins still on
    - chickpeas
    - sweet corn
    just to name a few

    How about your pets? What weird unusual foods do they like?
  2. My cats are junk-food junkies, LOL! Dolores loves Smart Foods White Cheddar popcorn--she can hear a bag being opened a mile away!!--and Gozer likes CheezDoodles and cheddar cheese Goldfish. Cosmo likes sweet peas.
  3. Sweet peas :p Next time we have sweet peas i'll see if my Ezekiel will eat them as well
  4. Haha that is so funny. I don't feed my chi's people food because i am afraid that it will make them sick. I do give them a tiny piece of steak/chicken and they love that.
  5. I don't actually have a pet, but I babysat a friend's cat once and came home to find the bananas with puncture marks. Turns out this cat loves bananas and mangos. Once he took a banana and mashed it on his owner's bed and rolled in it.
  6. My pets just eat boring, everyday stuff but my aunt's poodle used to go into the vegetable patch and grab himself a radish whenever he felt like it. He loved them! Oh and my friends' horse loved salt and vinegar potato chips.:nuts:
  7. Er, Eclair tend to eat her own poop, but hopefully that habit will die off soon, lol

    Eclair loves Baked Lays, and Faye likes powder sugar donuts.
  8. This thread made me smile.:upsidedown:
    Our cat likes to eat butter!:wacko:
  9. my doxie eats mostly everything that i give him, but he loves nappa cabbage and pear more than anything
  10. my chi's love coffee ice cream. Its so funny, I have tried to give them other flavors but thats all they like. They don't get very much, just a lick or two here and there.
  11. I have three kitties, two won't touch human food... one ALWAYS wants to smell an sniff and lick what we're eating. Doesn't matter what it is... her favorite has to be ice cream though. We don't make a habit at all of giving it to her. She'll rarely get even a lick because I worry about giving it to her!
  12. That's so cute :smile:

    But please be careful with what you give your pets... there are TONS of human foods that are toxic for them... for instance, chocolate, coffee and onions could kill your cat :wtf:
  13. My pug LOVES cheese! I only give her little tiny bits so she doesn't get fat, but boy does she dance for cheese, it is her all time favorite!
  14. Yeah, my dogs will dance for cheese. They also like french fries. Found that one out the hard way. Also, Mexican corn cake. Also the hard way. One of my cats like to drink the milk from my cereal AFTER I eat Fruity Pebbles. Only then.
  15. these are hilarious stories!

    my mom's dog (a black lab) has eaten:

    a large whole (raw) spaghetti squash, a bunch of 7 bananas (with skins on), pieces of a jimmy buffett cd, one pair of large women's granny panties (that required a vet trip as you might expect), and most recently, 3 lbs of honey roasted peanuts from CostCo.

    the list goes on and on... and except for the underwear incident, all of these episodes left him with nothing worse than a few days of GI issues.

    attached is a pic of him as an innocent puppy, and a more recent pic when my brother caught him in the act of eating an entire ear of corn.
    corncob.JPG puppy.JPG