What wedding dress do you like better?

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  1. Hi there,

    Let's choose me a dress. :smile:

    I have a choice between these two dresses. The first dress is of white color. The second one is of nude color. What one do you like better and why?


  2. #2 Mar 16, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
    #2 !

    I love it! :love:

    #1 Is nice, but for me is a little too wide ...(Do you have too wear the hoop?)
  3. they are both beautiful. In my opinion the nude one is more stunning! i love the drapery on front, and back...it hangs beautifully! The color gives it a more vintage elegant look too!
  4. I won't answer this question because what matters is which YOU like better. I think your wedding dress should make your heart sing and just feel right from the beginning, no doubts or maybes or pros or cons about it.
  5. #2 hands down it is elegant, classy and different from the norm. I love it:heart:
    Congrats to you and your big event.
  6. Thank you. I do appreciate your help. I also like #2 better. :smile: I'm going to wear flowers chaplet over my head with this dress.

    As for the hood for #1. I was thinking of it, yes.
  7. They are both beautiful!
    I love the off the shoulder look which you don't see much of.
    Can I ask what your coloring is, white always looks best on someone that is best suited to cool tones which the easiest way to describe is someone who looks best in jewel colors, navy, burgundy, emerald green, are just a few examples.

    The off white looks best on a person who looks better in warm tones, for instance off white, beige, yellow, autumn colors.

    That might help you with your choice.

    To tell which looks best on you is as simple as putting a white piece of material against your face and do the same with an off white or beige color, hopefully that is of some help.

    As far as the dresses themselves, they are both gorgeous!
  8. I am more traditional, so my vote goes for #1. I love the neckline...
  9. You can't go wrong with either but my vote is for 1
  10. They both look great on you but # 2 is stunning and you wear it so well. It's so feminine, elegant and different and the colour is very beautiful and the material looks really nice. Congratulations.
  11. #2 hands down... That color is so stunning on you and the dress itself is just so beautiful!!!!
  12. #2!! So elegant and romantic looking.
  13. #1 as I like the off shoulder look. You look good in both!
  14. The second one is stunning!
  15. #1