What Wedding Cake Did You Have - Post Your Pictures & Chat.

  1. WORDBOX...........Your cake is sooooo beautiful!
  2. Pmburk............Your Cake was beautiful!!!
  3. 1. great thread.
    2. i think everyone's cakes are far nicer than the celebrity cakes- theirs are just ostentatious.
    3. i will post photos of mine soon. mine was simple, but beautiful and delicious! i love wedding cake!!! and wedding cupcakes!!! keep the photos coming- i think this is my new favorite thread!
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    This is ours. We were married in 2006 and our theme was vintage modern birds & branches. The cake was a really artistic interpretation of that. Our wedding was featured in The Knot Magazine, and one of the shots is from that issue to give you some context for the theme. Without that, the cake just looks bizarre!!


  5. Sharkbait..........it was beautiful..........:heart:
  6. Lovely cakes!!
  7. bellafleur - You Are Hands Down Better At Baking Then Me.
    Carrot Cake, Vanilla Bean W/Apricot Filling, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chocolate im :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Congratulations On The Business, Thank You For Sharing Your Thread Here.
  8. tillie46 - thank you, i want to start this thread because we have wedding chat & show wedding shoes & show wedding CL & wedding dress's but nothing about wedding cakes. i do like me some cake.

    baby&melovelv -
    1. welcome to the thread, thank you.
    2. everyones cakes are better then celebrity cakes but i wanted to change it up a bit as they are still wedding cakes.
    3. i look forward to seeing your cake, and welcome you to share.
  9. Sharkbait - your wedding cake is beautiful, im loving the blue with the brown and birds. the magazine did your cake justice beyond words.
    thank you for sharing your cake. :biggrin: :smile:
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    :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2:

    I Would Like To Thank Everyone For Sharing Your Wedding Cake's & Cupcake's.
    I'm Loving Each And Everyone.
    Please Keep Them Coming. :coolpics: :coolpics:
    I've Adding Celebrity Cakes Because They Are Still Wedding Cakes / Cupcakes, But Love To See The Purse Forum Members Cake So Much More.

    :ty: :ty: :ty: For Sharing.
  11. Your wedding cake was absolutely delightful! :love:
    And you are so talented bellafleur :yes:
    Thanks for sharing!
  12. Ditto!
    I really enjoy this thread - thank you for everyone who has shared their beautiful cakes :smile:
    and to Spendaholic who started this beautiful thread!
  13. Woah! Everyone's cakes look so lovely!
  14. I wish I had better/closer pics of our cake but I don't have any on my work computer. Here are a couple shots. We got married Dec. 28, 2002. It was 5 tiers and had black magic roses separating each tier. I'm drawing a complete blank as to what flavors we had. I think some of the tiers were white cake with raspberry filling and the other tiers were chocolate with belgian chocolate filling - I believe the frosting was white chocolate buttercream.


    wedding cake.jpg wedding cake2.jpg
  15. this is so cute! U guys look great, so romantic!!