What we the loyal Chanel buyers want from Chanel

  1. Thanks to Jmen for this proactive idea.

    If you had one request to make to Chanel what would it be?

  2. Are you asking what we'd like from Chanel as far as general policies/customer service, or what we'd like as far as desired handbag styles?
  3. anything you specifically want to say to Chanel
  4. Well hmmm .... first I would like to ask them to not increase their price every other month and to perhaps try every other year.
  5. no frequent &#@*(&#@*(# price increases!!!!!!! :cursing:

    Better quality control on their handbags. I don't need stitching to come undone on the very first day I get a bag!!!!
  6. keep price increases in line with inflation...
  7. I'd like to say - lower the price please lol.
    And GIFTS, We want more gifts hihihi....good gifts though not just regular gifts lol
  8. I want a purple caviar flap........new chain, old chain, any chain....just purple caviar!!!!
  9. ^^Me too!!!
  10. I third the purple! :drool: And lower your damn prices, I don't have a money tree!
  11. Packaging sucks.

    The paper chanel shopping bag i got wasn't big enough for the box....and my SA had to tie the handles together with a ribbon. I felt like I was at Ikea.
  12. Better quality boxes, I think they're too flimsy. I want something stiff and strong (boxes, ladies, BOXES!!!!).

    And bring back the cambon ballet flats!
  13. better quality control..who wants to check out her bag after every time she uses it, for undone stitches, leather coming out of chains, etc?

    and the prices are becoming insulting. its not a Mercedes, for cryin' out loud..........
  14. That the quality be on the same level as the prices. There are some truly stunning Chanel bags and then there are others where the materials and the workmanship are shoddy.

    I agree with Perse-onality...the prices are insulting given that so many of us have had quality issues. I swear they are making us pay as their cut for our 'private re-sale' of our Chanel items.

    I still will but but perhaps not as many....
  15. I would ask of Chanel to stop the crazy price increases. I understand an annual price increase of about 5% or so, but why quarterly increases at 25%?! Yeesh!