What we do in our Louboutins

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  1. Purly (Jen) and I were able to attend the lecture at FIT last night to hear Msr. Louboutin speak. He made mention of the fact that when he was working with David Lynch on an exhibition on fetishism, he designed some shoes that were not made to walk or run in. CL said "Women don't run in my shoes...sit outside in a cafe and watch. You will see that women don't run" Purly's harrowing adventure (running in VPs) to expedite getting to FIT last night proves that some of us really do run in our CLs. So, tell us what you have done in your CLs beyond just walking/standing...
  2. Breastfeeding.... haha... and I've changed a light bulb....
  3. I was a naughty girl and slept with them while DH was away. LMBO Let me explain:

    DH was out of town and I was just relaxing one evening. My red patent simples were by the door (I had worn them that day) and I thought, "those are some gorgeous shoes!" I put them on while I was laying on the couch so I could stare at them and watch TV at the same time. Well I must have been super tired, because at around 4am, I woke up and both the TV and my simples were still on. So I took them off and had a smoke. No I'm joking, I don't smoke.
  4. A few of mine:

    - Driving
    - Bringing out the trash (our pavement turns to dirt)
    - Cooking
    - Giving Presentations (LONG presentations)
    - Airport Security, airports, and travel
    - Taking the subway
    - Walking over those grates in the ground that vent the air to the subway
    - Running (to catch a connector flight, to catch the train, to get in the elevator, to not miss Christian Louboutin speak)!!!
    - Spinning Yarn (it's a hobby)
    - Sewing (I've just started learning)

    I thankfully haven't done any jumping in them.
  5. I've done the do with my fiance in mine. :graucho::girlsigh:
  6. HOT!!

    I've chased after a bus in them...that's about it, I think.
  7. dance:happydance: and make out with DH:sneaky:
  8. I dj in mine sometimes :smile:
  9. LOL! You ladies crack me up! Once, I ran in them when my parking was due as I was gonna be slapped with a fine if I didn't make it in time. It was horrible to run in heels, worst, CLs!! Other than that, I've shopped, went to school, went to work and partied in them!
  10. IT!!!!!!
    I also let a driver drive me from store to store where I get out and the paparazzi storms me LOL
  11. This is a really fun thread!!!

    I dance in mine on a weekly basis and once I held them in my arms while running when it was raining too hard.

    Noegirl I need to try that driver\paparizzi thing .. lol sounds like a fun challenge.
  12. This is funny!! I bet you had nice dreams:graucho::graucho:
    BTW, your avator made me bust out!!
  13. That is hilarious! I would totally do that. Last week it was POURING and I got caught at the grocery store w/o an umbrella and I was carrying my LE LV Bordeaux Mirage Speedy. After checking out, I asked for a bag to put my purse in.....the teenage boy cashier looked at me like I was CRAZY! Yeah.....crazy about LE LV. :roflmfao:
  14. I wear mine on the street, and change into flats in my office. Nobody cares here, but I love the attention they get on the street!

    I have tried to run in them, but it's almost as if he designed them so that running is near impossible! I can run miles in Manolos, but a half block in my CLs was agonizing!
  15. I cook in them sometimes. A glass of wine, some music, chopping veggies has never been so erotic :P