What we do for a living?

  1. Hi, I saw this thread posted on the Hermes forum and thought that it is an interesting question. This question has probably been posted already, but being a newcomer to this forum, I thought it's still interesting to pose again for us newbies. :yes:

    I'll start...I teach elementary school (2nd grade to be exact!). I love my job, but it's not exactly conducive to this Bbag "hobby." Thank goodness for the hubby! :p
  2. I am a SAHM. My husband and his family own grocery stores and gas stations. My husband runs the store in our town. He calls himself a "bag boy" if anyone asks. : )
  3. I am a hairstylist! I'd love to own my own boutique one day and carry higher end stylish clothes and second hand handbags!

  4. Where do you live in Texas? My sister used to live in Houston. I loved going to visit her. I only saw Houston and San Antonio. It was amazing! I absolutely fell in love w/ it.
  5. Yeah, I live in the Houston area! I guess when you live somewhere you don't always see how great it really is. We have great eating places and shopping of coarse!
  6. I am a teacher I currently teach year two, the children are between 6 and 7, very rewarding job but a hell of a lot of hard work, I have the Easter hols off at the moment and a friend of mine who works part time came round this afternoon and we sat in the garden eathing strawberries and drinking champagne, I thought this is the life, could get used to this!!!
  7. im a singer/producer..
    ive released 2 albums in austria and on may 3rd ill be moving to ny temporarely to proceed my music career :yahoo: :nuts:
    this means ill be closer to bbags yayyyy:yes:
  8. Oh, how exciting! GOOD LUCK!
  9. I am a multimedia designer in rug industry in NJ. :smile: Close to BalNY and Neiman Marcus and others!
  10. I work for a Local Government working with homeless familes.
  11. SAHM and writer ;)
  12. Oooh thanks MRG! I can use loads of luck at the moment:sweatdrop: :yes:
  13. I run an online boutique but I bet you alert people figured that out by my avatar already;)
  14. Well... we will just call me SAHW, because unemployed is such a nasty word! :p

    I used to own a dance studio, but had to sell it last summer due to us moving with my husband's career. He is an engineer for a car company, so we live in freezin arse Michigan now!! :blah: LOL... but I'm going back to grad school in May, so I guess I will be a student again soon.
  15. I work for a MONSTER.

    seriously. no, haha, only kidding.

    I work for an art dealer. and do some of that myself.