What watch to get next?

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  1. #1 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    Hi Ladies, I could use some advice here... I currently have a stainless steel/WG Ladies (26mm I believe) Datejust, fluted bezel, super jubilee band, white roman numeral dial. It's been on my hand everyday since I got it 3+ years ago, and I love it!

    Recently I've started to itch for a bigger watch, sportier, chunkier, in yellow gold (though I do find myself thinking about a two tone also).

    I went from considering a Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs and went all the way to Rolex. Totally different extremes, I know.

    Anyone have any advice here - should I stick with MK or MJ and have it be a fun, "throwaround" watch, or should I splurge for another Rolex? For the Rolex, it'd be a 31mm prob datejust with either oyster or president band, champagne or silver dial with stick markers or diamond markers... Would that be too similar to what I already have?

    Thank you!
  2. This is the latest 31mm Lady Datejust, and different from what you already have. I would get the two tone rather than all gold due to resale value. Two tone holds better value than all gold.

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  3. Hi
    My suggestion get what u desire , u really want.
    Let your choice not be influenced by resale value etc. If u get a mj and are satisfied
    With it that's fine but if u want a Rolex and are substituting it by buying
    Mj or mk then get the Rolex.

    The Rolex would not be similar to the one u have. The gold look
    Is entirely different from a steel one:smile: and a Rolex is a keeper:smile:
    Do post pics of what u get.;)
  4. Completely agree. Happy shopping.:smile: