what watch do you LV lovers wear??

  1. I've been looking for a new watch and just curious what you guys have and like?? :smile:
  2. i have a juicy :smile:
  3. Timex
  4. I have a breitling but I cant wear it I get older my dad said :sad:
  5. I rock a Rolex SS Datejust with the new jubilee band, white mop, with diamonds.
  6. I usually wear my tag heuer
  7. I have 3 watches that I wear regularly. They are the movado harmony, movado esperanza, and an esq which is movado's cheap line. As you can see I have a bit of a movado fettish, lol. I love my esperanza the most and wear it with a simple tennis bracelet at the same time, that's pretty much my everyday watch. I have my eye on the movado portico next, lol! But not anytime soon, but man it's hot!
  8. I wear a Gucci G watch but am craving the LV Chronograph Tambour at the minute
  9. Raymond Weil Parsifal with Diamond Bezel is my favorite but I do also own a Raymond Weil two-tone without diamonds.
  10. I'm not into watches so wear cheap ones. Skagen (my favourite), a very old Gucci watch, (the one w/ exchangable bangles), and a Swatch for casual days.
  11. I only have 1 designer watch that i got from my fiance it's chanel not sure of the name it has diamond flowers on it. And i have a ton of guess watches thier really cheap so you can have a bunch to go with different outfits and occasions.
  12. I wear the COACH LEXINGTON BRACELET WATCH! I love it!
  13. i two regular watches a gucci watch that i don't know the name of it, it says 3905 diamond on the warrenty i think that the code, i only wear that on special occassions cause once i scratched it and was heart broken, and then i wear a citizen leather band watch with crystals (not diamonds lol) for casual days. hopfully when i'm done university i can get the cartier tank
  14. I wear my LV Large Tambour Quartz