what was your very very first MJ? And do you still own it?

  1. It's just a fun survey to see which bag is popular that we were drawn towards as our very first MJ.
    My very first MJ was the venetia in cognac with yellow canvas lining and stiching. I bought my very first MJ off the bay from a wonderful seller ( who is also a TPF). That how i found out about this forum. I love this bag very much. I don't own it anymore, but I still carry part of it with me.
  2. my very first mj is the mbmj hillier. i still have it as i just started mj lovin this spring.
  3. My first dip into the MJ pool was with an MBMJ wristlet that I purchased on eBay (in fact, I think Jun3Machina authenticated what was my first post in the MJ subforum!). It was a dark brown leather kisslock wristlet with grommets all over. This was before the "signature" Marc Jacobs lining fabric, so it had the cutest hot pink printed fabric inside. When I received the wristlet (which was in excellent condition, I might add), I took one whiff of the leather and knew it was love. I sold it a couple of months later to fund other MJs. I still miss it every now and then (in fact, there's a black one on bay right now!).
  4. My first MJ was a green Sophia. It wasn't new, but it was a beautiful bag. It's what sold me on Marc Jacobs. She has found a new home. Here is a pic:

  5. My first MJ bag was the Frankie bag in Pale Sage (green), which was an anniversary present from my DH back in 2003 (the summer it was released)

    I no longer have this bag -- I hung to it for a very long time, but finally parted with it last winter, altho my daughter has Frankie in Khaki (which I purchased second-hand & ended up giving her)
  6. My first bag was a MbMJ hobo in green that I bought on sale from eLuxury. I'm not certain of the bag's name, but I believe it was Pumpkin Patch or something similar. I borrowed this photo from a 'bay auction since I don't have a photo of my own. I guess I've hung onto to this bag since it was my first designer purchase. I may part with it at some point, but for now it's staying in my collection.
    Pumpkin Patch.jpg
  7. my first mj was a fake. don't have that anymore, thank goodness. to make up for it, i bought a stone stella and a chestnut striping bowler. the stella's no longer around, but the bowler is my favorite mj bag of all time.
  8. My first MJ was a MBMJ, which was a MBMJ lily tote as seen in first pic. My first MJ was my Raspberry gray, second pic. I don't have either one anymore:sad: My collection now consits of an ivory blake, a black mercer satchel and a black baby stam:smile:
    DSC020567.jpg DSC041265 copy.jpg
  9. i love your mercer satchel btw. i need one! lol
  10. you're so pretty! both bags look great on you.
  11. Mine is a Rolls Royce clutch, purchased during the crazy days of Saks' markdowns last December. I got it at an amazing 75% off retail.
  12. My first MJ - Fall '07, birthday gift from hubby. It started an obsession.
    If they only still came with the suede interior ...
    I think Fall '07 was his best.
    (my cat had to get into the picture)
    MJ 1st 2.jpg MJ 1st one.jpg
  13. mine was a spearmint sophia in summer of 2005 but i don't have it anymore.
  14. grey mayfair, of course, I still love to pet her
  15. Interesting thread!

    My first MBMJ was my black turnlock bowler that I bought new in October 2006 (it's still my avatar!) I don't know if I could part with this bag although I don't use it as much as I should.

    My first MJ was my bright blue clutch with the push button closure. I still have that too!