What was your very first purchase in BV?

  1. I will start with myself:yes:

    My first item was a Bianco medium veneta that I purchased in summer of 2005, I think. It might be a year prior. I tracked down the bag after seeing numerous fashionable ladies carrying them around in NYC and decided that's the bag I MUST have. I only carry her occassionally because she definitely needs a spy treatment-my mistake for taking her to HK for a trip last year. I still adore her and love her to death, although I sometimes just want to give her a bath myself!:heart:

    And you? please share your story ;)
  2. seems like lots of "first BV"s are the medium veneta! Mine was a medium ebano veneta, purchased a few weeks ago when I was on a trip to HK.

    I have read about the brand on magazines, but I only became seriouly interested in the brand after seeing my coworker carrying a BV bag to work. The superb quality of the leather, the classic shape of the bag and the workmanship of the woven pattern really won me over. Seriously I can't really tell a fake LV/Gucci bag apart from the real one ( especially the AAA quality ones!), but for BV, no fake/replica/knock-off even come close.

    So I finally took the plunge - and decided to get the most classic BV bag in the most classic colour - and I am really loving my bag!
  3. catabie, you always have such nice ideas for a new thread.

    I still remember how I bought my first BV piece. It was only a keychain, but it was in late 2004, when I was 17 and graduated from German high school and I wanted to treat me to some Bottega Veneta, because I had heard about BV and their German creative director before.

    It was a seasonal color, Sienna, a reddish medium brown, and I still love it to death. Since 2005, the keys to my very first own place hang on it :yahoo:
  4. In 2005 I bought/won a vintage taupe flap clutch on eBay. I was hooked immediately--bag is probably 25-30 yrs old and the leather is still so soft, in spite of some wear.
  5. Mine was also a medium Veneta... in Limo. Purchased in Feb '07 in Bangkok. My BV collection was amassed in the period of last 6 months. :nuts:

    boxermom I love that vintage clutch of yours. If it ever needs a new home...
  6. I first fell in love with BV about two years ago but only drooled. My first BV purchase was during the summer of 2006: a pair gold t-strap flats that are still my favorite flats. My first bag purchase was the ebano large veneta in February 2007. In the short span of 1/2 year, I've added many items to make up for lost time. :yahoo:With other brands, I find myself sometimes regretting the purchase. However I think all my BVs are worth every penny. I am currently having a love affair with BV :heart:
  7. ^ BV is the only label I never regret buying anything. I love every single piece.
  8. My first BV was in 2002 or 2003 from eBay. It was a pair of new black/pewter mules, pre-Tomas Maier. My next BV purchase wouldn't be until April 2007, from the Bellagio store.
  9. My first IRL love was the ebano flap like boxermom's avatar, but my first purchase was an ebano large veneta :love: in Feb 07. I haven't taken my foot off the pedal since!

    And I agree I've never felt remorse over any BV purchase.... only the $$!
  10. I started with a small piece: nero toggle baguette in March 2007. Occasionally, a little tight fitting at times, but a very pretty "going out for an evening" kind of bag. I was between that and an LV black epi pochette, but I'm glad I went with the BV. That's when my BV love affair began. . . :heart:
  11. My first BV purchase was a Magnolia Pink Campana in June of this year. I saw it featured on the bagsnob website and I had to have it. I called Ana at BV and she had it pulled from the inventory of another store the day before it officially opened. I think it was one of the last ones in the USA. Immediately after receiving it, I took it to Hermes to find a scarf to go with it.

    I've been in love with BV ever since.
  12. Mine was the small campana in ebano, purchased in May from BV in San Francisco. I have had my eye on the brand for a while but never taken a close look until my friend doubtfulguest dragged me into the boutique. Then it was all over.
  13. Must be a nice combo! bprimuslevy, would love to see which scarf you picked out for your lovely Magnolia Campana!
  14. My first purchase was my medium ebano veneta back in the summer of 2005. I kept the bag in my closet and never used it until recently when I came across the BV forum. I know that you guys probably think I'm mad but I always thought BV's might be too delicate to use and I was worried that I would end up snagging or fraying the weaving. After I came across this forum and read that they were more durable than they looked, I dug out my veneta and started using her. She felt a bit stiff to start with but in the matter of just a couple of weeks the leather has softened beautifully, BV is my favourite brand at the moment.:heart:
  15. I love this thread! My first BV was in Feb 2007 (there must have been a BV lightning bolt that hit a few of us in Feb!!) when I bought my magnolia baby bag and matching card case in Las Vegas. A few months later I found tPF and it has been no turning back since then!

    bprimuslevy, I remember seeing the post on bagsnob.com!! I think that is when I decided to get a campana as my next BV. I'm still trying to decide on a H scarf/twilly to accompany my limo campana.