What Was Your Very First Prada Purchase!?

  1. My very first Prada was the nylon black messenger.I thought it was the coolest bag ever.It started a long Prada obsession in me!(Can ya tell??!LOL!)
    I actually passed that bag on to an old babysitter of mine a few years back that drooled all over my bags everytime she came over my house..LOL!I thought she was going to cry when I gave it to her!It felt like the perfect thing to do as it was my first!..and it meant even more to her!!
    How about you?what was the first Prada item you bought and loved?
  2. Funny cause my first Prada item was a FAKE Prada messenger bag from Canal Street in NYC in 1993. $25 bucks.

    I loved that bag more than I could imagine until I finally replaced it with a real Prada mesenger. Funny thing is that the whole time I was carrying a fake Prada, all my friends thought it was real (I never told them it was real, they assumed). Once I got the real one (which I loved until it was stolen -- of all places Chinatown NYC) they thought that one was FAKE cause it looked different.

    But I will say that the item I am currently loving the most right now is my Prada blazer and my Prada black logo loafers.
  3. My first Prada was a wallet! I still have it, it is sooo pretty!
  4. my first Prada is also the messenger bag, flat one in dark brown. my friend bought for me in italy and it's a real bargain if compared with the price now.

    my newest prada is yesterday, an ivory/ombre frame bag.. =)
  5. Mine was a Prada Messenger Bag... I used it for high school! I remember buying it and I was SOOOO excited!! My parents got it for me as a birthday gift :love:
  6. Back in the 1990s...either my grey nylon backpack or my dark green nylon satchel...both still dearly loved today.
  7. It was the beautiful brown leather envelope bag with attached umbrella...genius....I really love that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ah, my first prada purchase was a silk long dress from s/s 1995, I still have it in my wardrobe (hey, its officially vintage now ;)), and I still love it and remember the feeling of going and purchasing it. It was a toss up between the Prada and a D&G corset dress, and the Prada won!!

    After that, I bought a little prada brown suede evening purse, and I still have it, and love it now :smile:
  9. mine was a black messenger bag (model v165). it's so functional and practical.
  10. Mine was a washed leather frame bag that I got a few months ago. The leather is to die for...both inside and out!
  11. *Chloe-babe: love that prada suede...its TDF!

    My first prada was via eBay, in 2003, a BT0171 messenger, still have it today (despite many a tear in the seams of the nylon).

    My first prada from a prada store was a silvery-gray stretch poplin button-down shirt from the nyc broadway store...still have it to this day...wore it on new years eve, actually!
  12. my first prada was the xl flat messenger (now discontinued) in 1999 at the now-defunct prada boutique in dallas. i also bought a black saffiano zip-round wallet that day :love:

    it's all been downhill since then......
  13. My first was actually a gift for my mom, and it was a nylon MV515 hobo in Oct 2005.
    Last July, my parents bought me a V158 messenger bag as a birthday gift. I use it everyday for school!
  14. well, considering it was bought just this last new years eve, my first Prada bag is the Antic Cervo Drawstring Tote!
  15. Cranberry nylon backpack from 97'. I still have it and love it!