What was your very FIRST CHANEL PURCHASE?

  1. hello :flowers: i was just curious what everyones first chanel was & how old they were :smile: i really want a chanel purse, but i don't know what a good one to start off with would be :smile: photos are welcomed (since i'm new to chanel i'm not really familiar with all the styles :P)
  2. This past feb. I bought my first chanel- 2.55 gray reissue. I'm 38 and have been hooked on chanel ever since!!! I think I've averaged 1 chanel bag a month since that purchase!:love:
  3. My first one was the jumbo classic flap bag in black caviar. Still love it ;) Its my everyday bag.

    For the pics, you can go through this forum (or my threads) and look for
    it there.
  4. I got my first Chanel classic back in the 90s, I think when I was 20 or 21, so it's probably 16 years old or so. I got the small lambskin with gold hardware and took that bag everywhere! That purse got scratched but still looks good - I just have to condition it.
  5. i just got my first piece. pink/black cambon pochette and i love it!
  6. I think it was a Small Classic 2.55 in black Caviar with gold hardware. I have since sold it, but boy was it cute!
  7. my first was a small classic flap in lambskin, i love it! :heart: oh, and i was 27 (just a few months ago and i'm already on #2)

    chanel front.jpg
  8. I got my first Chanel piece when I was 21 (a few months ago). It was Grand Shopping Tote in black caviar. The bag is perfect for work as well as play. I love it!
  9. I bought my first Chanel bag in 2004. I bought a Cambon bowler in black with white CC's ... I saw the large tote in the display window and had to go into the Chanel boutique. To be honest, I wasn't really into the classic flaps (I thought they were a little old ladyish) but buying my first Chanel made me appreciate ALL the Chanel pieces.
  10. that's a loaded question for me! LOL!
    I bought my 'dream bag' - the Grand Shopping tote - 1st photo, but coulnd't bring myself to remove the tags.
    I kept it for about a week or so adn took it back for my REAL dream bag! I knew it was right as I clipped the tags off as soon as I got her home!
    It's teh Luxury Line Flap in Metallic black. Weird really since I SWORE I wouldn't carry a flap bag, but this one is SO beautiful and unique!
    {2nd & 3rd photos}:love:

    I'm 31 BTW!
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1347.jpg DSCF1336.jpg
  11. I'm way late to the party! For my 46th birthday last month I bought myself the beige/black Reporter bag on sale. And I never would have known about the sale if wasn't for the awesome PF!!
    ChanelShoulder.JPG ChanelArm.JPG
  12. roey: That bag looks great on you! Congrats!
  13. My first Chanel piece is my Cambon bowling bag. My second Chanel piece is the Gold Medallion Tote but the hardware was fragile and broke, so I exchanged it for a silver one. I absolutely love it :love: It's the perfect everyday bag. Hopefully my third piece will be a classic jumbo flap :graucho:
    latest handbagpic3.jpg
  14. like you, pursegalsf, my first piece of CHANEL is the Cambon Bowling bag... JUST LIKE YOURS!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    Hopefully when i get older, i'll get a Classic Flap or something... :smile:

  15. Hi. My first Chanel piece was a medium sized classic flap in caviar. I was 23.

    By the way, bijou, are those cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery on your avatar?