What was your very first Balenciaga Bag?

  1. So I've been on the hunt for my very first....first. :lol: Since I'm going to have to wait another week before getting on to the marketplace (which is probably a good thing too) I figured this would be a good time to think about the perfect color. So I thought it would be interesting to find out what color was your first Balenciaga. And do you still have it? :love: If you don't, why did you choose to sell it? You fell inlove with another color/bag? The color ended up being too bright? Too neutral? It just wasn't you?...etc I went through numerous LVs before finding the perfect style...I don't want to do that again!

    Forgive me if something similar to this was posted, but I didn't see anything on the current page :smile:
  2. My first B-bag was the apple green classique I'm selling in The Marketplace :biggrin: I bought it not too long ago, but then I fell in love with the city style. The color fits me to a T - bright green! :nuts: But, since I started carrying larger bags, I now carry more stuff, so the bag isn't very functional for me. I still love it though, and hate to sell it, but I just bought a city :love:
  3. I know the LV issue.
    My first Balenciaga First is bordeaux and I LOVE it. It fits with almost anything. And it is just so light. I bought used and later found out that it had belonged to another PF member, so it is still really pretty and looks almost new though I wear it almost every day. I highly recommend that colour.
  4. My first is my lovely ink city, which I loved then, and love even more now [​IMG]
  5. Great topic! :biggrin:

    My first b-bag was a chocolate city from fall '05. It was too neutral for my taste. I had to sell it when I started pre-order for spring. :shame:
  6. my first bbag was the absolutely "first" black classique with a super-soft kidskin-leather ! unfortunately i sold it ... a long time ago and i regret it very often :oh:;)
  7. My first was an apple green first & I LOVE it! Size, color, style - everything is perfect!
  8. My first was a caramel box, I still have it and always will. My only other one is an ink twiggy. I adore the color and the leather but the size took some getting used to. I don't think I'll sell it but if I do, it will have to be so I can buy another ink bag. Gotta have ink!

    I'm nuts about my LV monogram speedy 25 and batignolles horizontal too.
  9. my first balenciaga was a calcaire city which i still have and keep in very pristine condition :love:
  10. I went with a basic black city. I love it and will definitely be buying some colors in the fall--unless I splurge on an ink hobo before then.
  11. My first Bbag was the bubblegum pink from '05. I just got it about 3 weeks ago. It came up for sale on the PF and I bought it. I can't wear it with everything (obviously it's pink!) so I just bought a black city '05 on the PF forum too! I'm definitely looking to buy more so I can change colors a lot. I definitely love everything about Bbags and would love to have every single color! LOL- don't tell my husband!
  12. My first Balenciaga was a flat tote (no longer made) from 2002. It has the "motorcycle" details in front. It is black. I currently use it to carry around my laptop.

    My second Balenciaga was a black suede motorcycle. I think it is the "Classique" but I'm not sure that was what it was called back in 2002. I used it for a couple of months and got rid of it.

    I've bought a couple more Balenciagas since then ... but not in the motorcycle style.
  13. I've bought and am waiting for a black Balenciaga aviator. It's not a style anyone on this forum uses, since it's rare, but it's really lovely and I'm very excited. And before anyone claims that that's not a real balenciaga style, I've had it checked out by both Atelier Naff and Dude@lovetart.com. So, I'm excited.:biggrin:
  14. HeHeHe:lol: My first Bbag is now Yhassans first Bbag which is the apple green first:wacko: :lol: . I sold it to her because I fell in love:love: with the apple green city, and had to have it because of the size. Much better for my life style and things I tend to carry. I am crazy about the color and consider it my all time fav. color Bbag!. Must say though I now own an Ink city and LOVE it too:love: :biggrin: Let us know what you decide on, your first Bbag purchase is sooooo exciting! And WARNING, so is your second, third, fourth, and so on!!
  15. I'm a member of a few other purse communities and I got offered 2 Bubblegum Pinks! hahaha So many people don't want their pinks! I'm pretty sure I want something fairly bright. But I'm concerned that the pink won't match. I looked into aloharag.com to see if there was a color I liked, but I didn't see anything. I'm debating whether to take them up on their offers or wait it out until I can get onto the marketplace. Part of me wants to buy one of the bubblegum pinks just because I REALLY want a Balenciaga like right NOW lol, but I don't want to have to sell it back in the future if I don't like the color. I want my to keep my first forever! hahaha:push: