What was your very 1st LV ?

  1. What was your 1st LV and would you buy it again if you could start over? Mine was the Mono Petit bucket and I don't think I would because I mostly wear hand held bags. I still have it though but have only uesd it about three times.
  2. My first piece was the Cerise cles. I happened to be in Puerto Banus during the release inadvertently so I was so happy to get it :smile:
  3. Mine is a Monogram Clefs.... given to me on my birthday!! Still using it now...:tup:
  4. A monogram Alma with a shoulder strap .. I never used it much though, because I thought getting into was a bit difficult.. so I gave it back to my mom (and it has the most gorgeus patina!) now I want it back :push: I think I was around 16/17 when she gave it to me
  5. I think it's my 1st LV and I bought it in 1988.

    It's a special item for me but I wouldn't buy same one again.
  6. Mine was a mini pochette :rolleyes:
  7. Mono speedy 30, would totally buy it again!
  8. popincourt haut. My mother uses it now. Every time I see it I want it back and she says "no way" and I snicker and say "someday it will be mine again". Haha
  9. Monogram Papillon 26 - and it's still 1 of my faves!
  10. Oh my first is also Mono Petit Bucket, DH given to me almost 10 years ago haven't use it much coz the strap always fall off my shoulder
  11. MY first LV was the mono speedy 25.
  12. azur speedy 25 :smile:, & yes i'l get it again :love:.
  13. Mine was the blue vernis Houston. I bought it pre-owned on eBay. I sold it because I needed money for moving. Sometimes I miss it but I'd rather have a vernis keepall instead. :graucho:
  14. Mine was a mono petite bucket. I later sold it because it was too small and the open top bothered me.
  15. Popincourt Haut