What was your single most expensive nail polish purchase?

  1. Help justify your purchase by explaining why (or why not) that purchase of the HTF or HG polish was worth it.

    I'm considering picking up some VERY pricey LE or HTF polishes that are no longer sold directly from the stores and need to know if I'm justifying it for the wrong reasons.

    Did anyone buy it and find out it wasn't worth the effort?

    My Chanel purchases are the most I've paid so far, but I would totally drop 50$ for a HOLO MJP from OPI.. but is that reasonable?

    Enable me, or hold me back... give me your thoughts!
  2. I bought GOSH Holographic recently for $30~. Not worth it in my opinion because it chipped in less than a day.

    I just bought the Chanel Moscou collection & I sure hope it was worth the $90.

    That being said, if you really want it and can reasonably afford it, I don't see why you should hold back!
  3. The Chanel Moscou collection off eBay for $250 or the Clarins 230 for $99. The most expensive np I bought still easily available at counters was $65 per bottle for Serge Lutens.

    As far as whether any of them are worth the money, NO. But do I regret it? Also NO.
  4. The most expensive polish I bought is around 30. If you really want it and you have the money for it, I don't see a reason to not buy it. I'm the same way. lol. Hopefully it'll be worth the money .
  5. If you don't regret it, it was worth the money to you!

    I think I paid around $27 shipped for Dior Lemon Balm, I don't think I've paid more than that for any of my polishes.
  6. I believe that if you really want something and you have the funds to do it,
    then you totally should do it.
  7. Agreed! I work with a woman who thinks I'm nuts for buying OPI polishes LOL...if she only knew about some of the others ha!

    I LOVE the original OPI My Private Jet! I have one bottle, and consider it my HG polish in the OPI line. I wish I had a few more of the original, because I hear that the new is nothing like the old one!
  8. Hahaha! Same here!

    For me, it's $18 for Deborah Lippmann glitter ones. :nuts:
  9. $24... I'll have to wait til it gets here to let you know if it was worth it but based on all the swatches I've seen online I think it will!
  10. LOL, yeah she wonders why mine stays on so well, and her's doesn't. Some things are just worth paying more for.

    The Lippmann glitters are beautiful! I need to add a few to my ever-growing polish collection hehe.
  11. My two most expensive polishes are both from Chanel (what a surprise :p). I got Jade for 82$ and Holographic for 90$, and I don't regret it one bit. They are so worth it to me.

    If you have the money, then go ahead. You can, most likely, sell it again, if you regret.

    Most of my friends dont use that much on single items, but when we add it up, they've spend just as much as me.
  12. My most expensive buy was $7.50 for the OPI designer series nail polishes. If I really wanted an specific color and I have the money to buy it I would. It's for you, it makes you happy so go for it!
  13. same here! the most expensive ones i have gotten are my two deborah lippmann polishes
  14. The most expensive polishes I bought have both been limited edition OPIs. One was Damone Roberts 1968 and Mad As a Hatter, and I think I paid around $25-30 per bottle. I don't regret either purchase one bit! I wear all my polishes but I also consider myself a collector, so as a collector I love scoring LE/HTF/discontinued polishes. And (for me) that made it worth paying the extra $$. :tup:
  15. The most I've paid for is $30+shipping for Chanel Rouge Noir.