What was your purse of choice before LV?

  1. I'll go back in time...a couple of years ago, I was all about Kate Spade and then it was Burberry...followed by GUCCI and now LV.

    ...do all your previous purses sit in your closet collecting dust or have you gotten rid of them to make way for your LV's?

    ..Just curious :confused1:
  2. first kate spade and at the same time coach, then marc jacobs, then a little prada now lv. they all sort of overlap and i use them all depending on my mood, outfit, etc. oh and i have a few tory burch bags too.
  3. LV was my first designer purse. Before that I was using my beloved unknown brand Bagsac, which my bf hated with a passion.
  4. Kinda strange on my part..but I didn't start carrying purses up until a few years ago:shame: (mainly did the backpack thing.....I went from tomboy..to girly girly overnight so to speak);) ..so I guess Louie was my first.:rochard:
  5. Coach-Gave my WHOLE collection away
    Dior-Still have them; I love my Dior Girly Collection!
    Gucci-Still have them; but I buy more of their shoes than bags
    Louis Vuitton-Whoo hoo!

    After LV? Hermes! ; )
  6. Very first was D&B, then lots of Coach, and finally I'm at LV. I'm lusting a little bit for some Chanel.:graucho:I should add I have sold everything except LV and 2 sentimental coach bags.
  7. I went from Guess bags to LV...then dabbled into other designers such as Coach, Chanel, and Dior but LV has always stuck! I still have my old Guess bags somewhere...
  8. Started out w/ LV as a child but I mean of course, middle school girls don't carry around LVs, so I got a prada, then it went to fendi, and then back to LV. When college started, I got more and more Kate Spade & burberry bags for school but then eventually back to LV again lol. I think LV is irreplaceable.
  9. Dare I say it.... it was Guess....
  10. I started with Dooney, then Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry then dior...
    and now my beloved Louis Vuitton!
    I'm actually also selling most of my bags
    exept for some with sentimental value...
  11. D&B, Coach-back in the days when it was Classic not Trendy like today, Prada-still using their cosmetic bag, cuz it's washable! Dior-Sold Girly collection, only Gaucho&Romantique left, Gucci-love the totes! Chanel-Cambons is collecting dust w/Dior haha
  12. I started it out with a Guess bag :roflmfao:, then Coach and Burberry! Now I'm an LV girl all the way :Push:
  13. i've always been into LV but i still have my dior's and gucci's. never had a DB and i've had 2 coach bags and i've given them away.
  14. Coach when it was the classic leather bags, I still have one with the leather coin purse, I also have the newer Coach hobo. I love it though, it's so comfortable to wear. Then its LV. I still dabble in coach, when I see something cute. I also buy cheap bags in between.
  15. I loved Coach, but my love will last forever with Gucci and LV. :biggrin: