What was your "OH NO!" moment with your handbag?

  1. Gosh... I'd expect this from a cheapo bag but not something in the price bracket of Gucci!

    My embarrassing handbag moment was the handle of my then most expensive bag snapping on me - it was a shoulder bag, a big one at that, so I had to carry it clutch-style for the rest of the shopping trip (until I got some shopping bags and stuffed it in) looking ridiculous all the while. Needless to say, I don't buy that brand's bags any more.
  2. Same reef blue mbmj fran only owned it a couple months
    my 5 year old put a gel pen in uncovered the lining is stained
    and I managed to get blood on it my own but blood!! ink stains are forever, blood is not, lol
    However when I buy bags I don't buy as investments and I know that when I get bored I'm sending it to my mommy or one of my friends who can't afford brand names and they don't care about ink stains!
  3. So pleased to be bag-bunny relatives with you, my satchel has the swirl inside the lid and the underside of the strap. My sister has a swirl bag too with a phone case to match, such a happy look.

    Dam those customs officers :nogood: they really have no idea :blah:


    3. Just thought of another. My LV pochette's zip broke so I was storing it ready to take to back to Harro-ds. I did my 'trampolining' in the morning and then put my trampette away again and realised something was trapped under one of the feet - my Vernis Pochette! It left a large, round 'footprint' that never went away :sad:
  4. My moment was when my very expensive, Cynthia Rowley, black, leather, quilted,Chanel-esque shoulder bag snapped off of my shoulder and landed on the floor. I had only used it a few times.

    When this happened, I was at an airport gate at Charles de Gaulle,in Paris, and had just stood up to board my plane home when the shoulder strap snapped. I was beyond furious. But, I was so glad that it hadn't snap while on a Gondola floating through the canals of Venice. Had it snapped then, all of my belongings would have been at the bottom of the Grand Canal!

  5. How embarrassing, I'm sorry that you ladies had to deal with snapping straps too! It made me stay away from bags with any kind of bolt/trigger snaps for a long time.
  6. Not a purse but I will never own another french purse and/or tri-fold wallet ever again. Even tho i love their looks.

    One time on a business trip alone, I had my french purse with me and it was end of a long day, I was tired and hungry and in the railroad station of one of the big cities where they served food in the lobby.

    Well, stupidly, I left the coin compartment open when I went to retrieve a bill and I swear -- about 200 coins that I had accumulated from the convention sales rolled out of that compartment. What a racket, it went all over the floor! I was so embarrassed and no one came over to help, not even the janitor who had a broom LOL

    I must have spent 20 minutes on my knees picking up all my coins by hand. LOL. I finally slunk my way to a table with the food tray -- the most humiliating was that there must have been 100 pairs of eyes on me the whole time in the station lobby, probably laughing their butts off!
  7. I spilled a glass of water into my Neverfull. I dried it with towels and a hair dryer. It came out fine fortunately. Even my phone somehow survived. The refills in my Coach agenda were the only casualty. However, I was going to be getting new ones soon anyway.
  8. Bouncy cat + open diet ginger ale + new bag. Fortunately it was the kind of leather that dries out ok.

    The other time was when I gave the DH my bag to hold and he scraped it along a wall hard enough to break a metal clasp on a pocket.
  9. Oh...a bad bag moment went from bad to worse! :push:
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    Cats do like to chew! Last weekend I had my Rebecca Minkoff swing hanging on a chair, and I turned in time to stop my cat Basher from taking a chomp out of the tassels, which she was imagining to be a mouse tail!
  11. I had a cheap no name bag for an interview, think big business tote. The handle snapped right off during the interview, dumping all my stuff all over the floor. It was aaaaaaawful.
  12. So this thread is where all those "wtf!" scuffs and stains on eBay pre-loved bags come from :p

    I haven't had any of these moments yet with mine (knock on wood.) I tend to really baby them, but there are those moments where I'm shopping or leaving the house and my bag scrapes a wall or a rack and I cringe. So far no damage yet (knock on more wood)
  13. I webt to Paris last summer and bought a large Longchamp Le Pliage in a turqoise color at Galleries LaFayette. The last day in Paris, my friend and I decided to walk along the Seine where there was a kind of a fleamarket. Suddenly I spottet this gorgeous miniature vanity (only a mirror and a drawer), which I had to get. I carried it i a bag all the way back to the hotel, but couldn't fit it in my suitcase, which was stuffed. So I thought "hey, why not put it in my Le Pliage?". While I was closing the zipper, I suddenly heard this scratching sound. The cornor of the vanity was pressed to hard to the bottom of the front of the bag, that it made a dent :sad:

    I then had to take it out and carry it in a bag, didn't want to have my bag open the whole way home.

    Luckily, it's very low down on the front of the bag, so it's not very noticeable. And I still love the bag (and the vanoty). But that was my "OH NO" moment for sure.
  14. Sorry for the typos, am on my phone :smile:
  15. I nearly dropped a piece of meat on my Treesje clutch earlier, it ended up landing on my $80 dress. *cry*