What was your most recent shoe purchase?

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  1. List your most recent shoe purchases here and post pics if you want so the rest of us can admire your new additions to you shoe collections :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'll start :nuts: I've just put in an order for these Jimmy Choo's with Net a Porter... i can hardly wait to get them :love:
    choo1.jpg choo2.jpg choo3.jpg choo4.jpg
  2. Here's a pick of my post recent purchase -- a pair of black patent Jimmy Choo's. They're really comfy and the strap is removable too.
  3. stinam, those Manolos are really hot. Do they come in other colors?
  4. I just bought these espadrilles. My first pair of Louboutins :graucho: I've been wanting these for a while now. I'm picking them up tomorrow at Saks - a sale starts tomorrow and I get a gift card for spending over a certain amount :wlae:

  5. stinam - I just bought the pump version of your shoe in bordeaux - waiting for it to come in - from Choo @ 52nd st
  6. That Chloe is Mine - those Choo's are beautiful!

    Here are some pictures of my most recent purchase. 1st a pair of YSL clogs purchased from Neiman Marcus Last Call. The detailing on these are amazing. The leather is soo soft on these and I love the tassels. :love:

    I also recently won a pair of Gucci flats on Ebay, I already have the same color in the high heel moccasin from the cruise collection (I posted pics wearing them several weeks ago) but the ones I just receives are the flats.

    Picture 024.jpg Picture 030.jpg

  7. My very expensive D&Gs
    dolceshoes.jpg dolceshoes2.jpg
  8. I just bought shoes 4 hours ago but they are just from White House / Black Market.. They were on sale with %40 off and I had a $10 coupon so they came out to $16! Here's a picture from their website..
  9. I was going to get those! But the balance is off for me, so I didn't. Love the color though. :heart:
  10. Thanks!! They definitely come in other colors, and I highly recommend getting these shoes!! Besides black, bordeaux patent was also available. I also just checked jimmychoo.com, where they list that these shoes should also come in forest and navy.
  11. That's where I got mine! The patent bordeaux pump caught my eye first, and I loved the color, style and how it hugged the foot. The SAs mentioned that the pumps and the ones I ultimately bought have been selling extraordinarily well. The pump version is still on my list, along with a patent ramona (I made the mistake of letting the SA bring one out to show me)!!

    BTW, the best thing about the black sexy choos is that it took very little to convince my fiance I needed another pair of shoes ... especially when I took them out of the box!! :graucho: :lol:
  12. oh they're Choos :shame: i must've had a dyslexic lapse or something, i thought they were Manolos :lol:
    I like the sound of forest. Must go and check jimmychoo.com
  13. I hope they're not too high for me otherwise i'll have to add them to my list of shoes that never get worn out, only good for staring at :girlsigh: while at home
  14. That Chloe is Mine those Choos look great. Am i ever going to see you wearing these shoes at work? :nuts:

    I just bought these Prada brocade peeptoe heels and am hoping they arrive early next week so i can wear them to my girls night out next Wednesday night :lol:
    Prada 1.jpg Prada 2.jpg Prada 3.jpg Prada 4.jpg
  15. ^HOT but I'll probably get murdered for wearing them, LOL

    After my Blahnik fiasco, I'm starting a Louboutin Fiorellino collection.

    Yesterday: brown
    This week or next, I must get them all!!!!!!!: white, red, yellow, green, purple and one more black.
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