What was your most recent clothing purchase(s)?

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  1. I thought the "most recent shoe purchase" thread was a pretty good idea so i thought i'd post one for clothes :smile:

    i'll kick it off, my most recent purchase was a dress from Alice McCall's most recent summer collection :yahoo: i've got a bit of an obcession with Alice McCall at the moment :shame: this is the 5th dress i've bought from this collection it's the "Nigthmares in Wax" pinni dress

    Please share your purchases :smile:
    am runway shoot wax.jpg am wax2.jpg
  2. Oh dear... too many. I think the VERY MOST recent one was the Burberry trench that I started a thread in here about already.

    Another fairly recent purchase, which I'm hoping to break in this weekend, was this black velvet top from J. Crew:

    J.Crew > shop by category > shirts & tops > short-sleeve & sleeveless > Sleeveless tuxedo top in silk/rayon velvet

    I'm planning to wear it out at night with COH jeans, black satin pumps, a black suit jacket and long dangly red earrings. :yes: I'm loving suit jackets with jeans lately to go out to nicer lounges, and always searching for a new fun top to go underneath.

  3. A pair of Cheap Monday's skinny jeans in overdyed black. I'm obsessed with my grey pair, so I can't wait for them to arrive. Also, I ordered a pair of Paige Premium Hollywood Hills jeans that were in the sale, and a black silk Marc by Marc Jacobs dress from Saks.
  4. Cranberry waffle weave Marc Jacobs cashmere sweater, tartan wool short shorts, black high-waisted pants from Zara (they are so... beautiful, and make me look really skinny!!)
  5. A black Joie pull over hoodie,and a sweater dress from French Connection.
  6. I just bought 3 new Seven jeans. Comfy for school =)
  7. a pair of bootcut regular seven for all mankind jeans:yahoo: a green pea coat from topshop and pair of metallic plum pumps:P
  8. A black scoop-neck cotton and 4% spandex tee. It cost me $10 too, counting the shipping. Way over my budget. Robbery, if I may be blunt, but Wal-Mart didn't have one, Target didn't have one, and it's hard to live without one.
  9. Grey cashmere pullover. Very warm and toasty.
  10. Mike & Chris hoodies! :yahoo:
    Seriously, you'd think I worked for them the way I rave...
  11. Black basic shorts from Zara which I know I'm SO totally gonna overwear :P
  12. marc jacobs jacket for formal events!!
  13. From target clearance rack. I got bored one day and decided to shop at target because it was close. Found a blue polo shirt for $2.48, a pair of jean capris for $4.98, and a black dress for $4.46. Cute clothes for very good prices. I did find that their mossimo jeans fit really well in straight leg. Also, there is this lovely Issac Mizahrai jacket that will be really cute for the holiday seasons. My next purchase needs to be this coach bag that is at TJ Maxx and on sale.
  14. An M Missoni dress that I was dyyyyyyin for- purple silver and grey zig zags
  15. rock & republic stevie xanax pinks.... been waiting over 2 weeks for them from ebay :sad:
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