what was your most outrageous Chanel purchase?

  1. I'll start--

    Mine was a Chanel Tatoo--just the CC on my left ankle. I got it 12 years ago when I was 20, it was in celebration of the purchase of my first Chanel Handbag. I was in college and had just saved enough money to buy my first Chanel bag at a couture consignment shop in Buckhead (Atlanta) and had $50 left over, which I took to the tatoo parlor! (just want to add, it's the only tatoo I have, but have added a few bags since that day)

    It's funny because I was shopping on the Chanel site today and notice that the model on the sunglasses page has a tatoo on her arm! :yes:

    How about you?
  2. How funny! I have a heart tattoo on my ankle and just told my DH that I wondered how much it would cost to get it removed and replaced with the CC logo!! He told me I needed serious therepy - LOL!

    Oh, and I guess the $2695 I spent on one handbag is completely Outrageous :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  3. My Chanel jacket - it was over $4,000, but I adore it.
  4. If Chanel, I got a baby cabas bag and it doesn't cost too much (but little too much for me lol ) at 960 pounds....Oh! How can I forget my chocolat watch .... It's 1,470 pounds.

    I think everytime I bought Chanel they are completely Outrageous (lol)
  5. A large brown suede Chanel tote which unfortunately is now ruined. It cost me about $3,000!
  6. My chocolate brown Ritz bag which was about $2500.
  7. My white J12 with diamon bezel $8960
  8. Ellerbean - a CC tattoo is wild!!
  9. Oops!
  10. hmmm, i wouldn't say that any of my purchases are outrageous. i like to think of them as long-term investments, lol!
  11. I bought a white J12 with diamond bezel and ordered (put deposit on) a black J12 with diamond bezel and diamonds around the wrist band. All in same day last week. I think that was pretty outrageous.:nuts:
  12. My grey Reissue which was about 2300$ incl tax.
  13. ladies, just to inform all of you... diamonds are EXTREMELY OVER-VALUED for what they are. they are pieces of carbon material in crystal form (i'm a petroleum engineer who has taken 2 years of university Geology in my curriculum) when buying these watches w/ diamonds encrusted on them, just think about the actual un-inflated value of diamonds. diamonds are NOT rare and not that valuable.

    No propaganda here, but please know that more than 50% of diamonds sold in America originate from war torn countries in West Africa (Sierra Leone, Angola among few) fueling their wars and strife (please do not be misled and think these rebel groups are fighting because of ethnic differences, they are fighting because of these diamond mines. Note also that the rebel groups do NOT mine them, innocent civilians take the toll and mine them under extremely harsh conditions.)
  14. Sorry, to be in topic. My most outrageous Chanel purchase was my prefall 2006 Bordeaux Reissue @ $2029 w/ tax. Still love it!
  15. It's not so much the individual bags -- which range from 2000 - 2400, it's the total of them that some might consider outrageous.