What was your most memorable birthday growing up?

  1. My 8th birthday when my brother filled the little swimming pool we had in the backyard with tadpoles. He did it so quickly too. To this day, my mom has no idea how he got so many tadpoles in that pool in such a short amount of time. Like 5 minutes, maybe even less, and that pool was FILLED with tadpoles. I like to joke that my brother has secret teleportation powers. :p
  2. My tenth birthday was the first one that I celebrated in Canada. It was memorable to me because we had just relocated and were living in a dingy, worn down, s***hole so my expectations were pretty low, but my parents still somehow managed to make it a complete blast.
  3. This was actually my older brothers birthday---he was turning 10 or something and he was taking a bath and my parents and I went in there to surprise him with his cake---which was a tray of cinnamon rolls with a candle in each one of them.

    Those times remind me how blessed we are now. We were poor back then & were really happy.
  4. My tenth birthday. My Dad made a big deal about how I was into "double digits"...and most likely would be for the rest of my life.
  5. My 3rd birthday, it was my golden bday and I remember it like it was yesterday! My aunt susie wrapped up a TON of candy and mini chicklets in a shirt box and I was in heaven when I opened it! Sounds corny and ridiculous, i know but I still smile when I think back on it. :smile:
  6. I can't remember exactly how old I was turning (I think somewhere around 10-11) and my Grandma gave me a collection of children's books. Neverending Story, Momo, Alice in Wonderland, etc. etc.

    I've always been an avid reader so this gift was probably the one I've cherished the most. I remember crying when opening it! I still have the whole collection, BTW.
  7. I think when I turned 6 or 7 my grandmother made for me stuffed animals of all the Winnie the Pooh characters (pooh, tigger, piglet, eeyore with removal button tail! Kanga with roo in elastic pouch!). I loved them soooo much.
  8. Probably when I turned 5 if I remember correctly. We had strawberry cake for my birthday and my dad got me a Hello Kitty suitcase.
  9. From when I was 9-13, I used to have a sleepover at a hotel and me and my friends would have a hotel room to ourselves.. it made me feel so grown up :shame: lol.
  10. I have two that are most memorable to me. One is when I got to invite my friends over and we all got to paint a section of the backyard fence with colored paint. It was fun.

    The other that I remember most I remmeber because I was really sick and I was so excited about my birthday but was miserable and trying to fight that feeling. I was having a skating party and all my friends were there and I couldn't really enjoy it at all. So I guess it was memorable because it sucked!
  11. My 7th birthday when my Grandfather sent me a Chatty Cathy (yes I'm dating myself ;)) and no one showed up for the party :crybaby:. Haven't had another on since :sad:
  12. My 8th b-day...my dad took me to get my ears pierced!
  13. My 10th birthday (1981)

    My parents booked a hotel suite at the Marriot - which had an indoor playland, arcade and huge pool w/ waterslides, etc.

    I got to invite 3 friends and they got an ajoining room next to us!

    We stayed up all night roaming the halls of the hotel and knocking on doors and running away :nuts:Had nothing but junk and played played played.

    I guess I loved it so much, because we were made to feel like grown ups - or like "big girls" and had a lot of freedom....even though my parents really did watch us closely.

    I would NEVER do anything like that in this day and age.....boy, times have changed!

  14. OMG! I just read this AFTER I posted my response! Funny!!

    Very cool that we had similar experience!
  15. My 16th - my friends threw me a surprise party! And I got a car from my parents!