What was your most expensive haircut? Was it worth it?

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  1. So, I just made an appointment at high-end hair salon today. My co-worker recommended this hair stylist, and she has the most gorgeous cut! I have been getting $20 from SuperCut-esque places for as long as I could remember, so paying someone $100+tip for a haircut sounds crazy to me right now. On the other hand, I have been wanting to style my hair a little bit differently than the way I am wearing it now (long with layers), and I do not trust my SuperCut hair stylist with anything more than a trim. My question is do you think these high-end hair stylists are worth the price?

    What was your most expensive haircut? Do you think your cut was worth the price?
  2. my most expensive was $90 just for the cut (this excluded blowdry).. definitely not worth it.. the guy gave me the exact same haircut as the other hairdresser i went to, who charged me $55 (this price included a blowdry!!)... also, the expensive hairdresser could not even deal with my thick hair, whereas the other one, dealt with thick hair beautifully.. so it's not the price that matters b/c the guy couldn't even straighten my curly, thick hair properly!! The other hairdresser (who charges $55) blowdries my hair beautifully, with really nice waves.. :smile:

    i find the more expensive hairdressers only deal well with thin, straight hair from my experiences.

    I don't mean to sound mean about the expensive haircut.. it was cut nicely, but straightened horribly... but i could get the same cut for cheaper price with a nice blowdry. :smile:
  3. Honestly the best haircut i ever got was at walmart. SERIOUSLY. I think it was like 15 bucks and she did a hell of a job. On the other hand, ive never really had a haircut that cost more than say 40-60 bucks.
  4. NYC, around $150, no it wasn't worth it since I don't have a real hair style, they just shampooed, trimmed it and blew dry it etc...
  5. I think the best haircut I ever got was at Hair Cuttery, a cheapo walk-in place. It was a girl fresh outta beauty school with tremendous talent. I have no doubt that she'll have her own high-end salon some day! I think it was only ~$17, too! :blink:

    I don't remember how much it was, but the most expensive salon I've been to was a high-end Aveda salon/spa in a ritzy area. The haircut itself was very good. It was nothing special, but it was technically well done. I felt like I was paying more for the products and ambiance. If the cut had been spectacular, I probably would have gone back, but it wasn't... so I didn't!

    The place where I go now is a spa, but it's not super high end. They use Redken & L'Oreal Pro, the decor is a bit cheesy and it's not in a ritzy area. But a haircut with my stylist is only $30 and she does a great job.

    I guess my point in all of this is that with haircuts you don't always get what you pay for in terms of the actual cut... it totally just depends on the stylist I think!
  6. ITA, claireZk!! You are often paying for ambiance, high end products in the salon, etc, and not so much for the cut itself. I have had the best cuts in the $40-55 range, and the very worst one cost me $8 (don't ask...I was broke and in college, and I ended up fixing the mess myself with a pair of scissors in a public restroom. :lol:) My most expensive one cost me around $75, but it was no better than the mid-range cuts I generally tend to get.
  7. The most expensive haircut I got was $100 (not including tip) and it was NOT worth it. The gentlemen supposedly specialized in Asian hair and was nice enough, but the cut wasn't really anything I liked. He gave me bangs and a short little bob. I seriously walked out of there looking like I was 12 but I saw no point in fussing since what's done was done. I was just going to have to wait for me hair to grow back but I never went back to him.

    The best haircut I got was from this lady who runs a salon that my aunt regularly goes to. She gave me the most flattering hair cut for about $20 but the worst dye job of my entire life. I let her do my haircut freestyle which was great but when I gave her detailed instructions on how to dye my hair, she completely messed up and gave me black, red and blonde hair. I was mortified. Then when I complained, instead of fixing it, she put some cheap highlighter over my hair so it ended up being 2 versions of hot pink and black. :sick:
  8. My most expensive haircut was about $50. I'm not sure if it was actually worth it. The lady didn't speak real good english, so there was a communication barrier. I wanted one thing & came out w/ something totally different. LoL I showed a picture of what i wanted & she was all for it! But, she went scissor happy & chopped most of it off (think chin length & my hair was really long down to about mid back) i was scared! My mom was behind me & i kept giving her nervous looks. I have to admit...I really really love it! My hair is hassle free, light, i don't have to use conditioner, or even brush my hair:shame: If not for her I would have never had the guts to even cut my hair this short
  9. I pay 65 just for a cut (not including blowdry or tip) and thats the most Ive paid so far. I usually just air dry my curly hair so thats not too bad at all!! No complaints here!
    This is a higher end Aveda salon in my area - but if i did get a blow dry (diffused even) it would be an additional 35-75 depending if i would get it flat ironed. It does start to get pricey when coloring is involved though.
    My hair girl is the areas curly hair go-to person (I found out about her on Naturallycurly.com and CitySearch), and she definately gives the best cuts Ive ever had! Everyone else taught me how to fight the curls, and she showed me how to love them!
  10. My most expensive was $60 not including the blow dry and style and no it wasnt worth it, My normal stylist does better and I beleive she is around $40ish which IMO is still to much
  11. actually the most expensive for me was TODAY! $75 before tax/tips... he was amazing! I am def going back! He just moved to my city from France... I've finally found my hair stylist!!!
  12. Most expensive haircut was an insane amount of 260 $ for the haircut and blow dry.
    The doctor I worked for recommended her personal stylist from Paris who owned his own salon.

    Hair cut came out great but was waaaaaaaaaaaay too short for me, he cut off most of my hair so it was above my chin. I have nearly waist long hair now, so short hair while looking cute just wasn't my thing.
  13. Just because it is a high end salon does not mean the people who work there know what they are doing. I think some people have talent when it comes to doing hair and they can work in a clip joint that charges ten dollars or a expensive salon which charges $100.00 and up. I have my hair done by a wonderful girl who works in a tiny home salon. She has been doing my hair for years and is beyond talented, I can bring her a picture and she cuts and styles my hair the exact way I ask her to. She is also the only stylist who cuts my hair short enough-picture a Sharon Stone pixie cut. I have been to some high end salons with great stylists but they have never done what I wanted 100%. It seems they feel they have this artistic ability to also add what they want to do which sometimes is so not what you want. I have asked for my hair to be highlighted and ended up with major bleach jobs which did not give a two tone look. I have had my hair cut opposite of what I wanted. So now I stick to my stylist and know I will get the perfect cut. She only charges $12.00 but I would pay her $100.00 if she worked at a good salon.. I tip her very well.
  14. at the spa that I go to I used to see the owner, which was over $50 for just a haircut, then I decided to save some money and start seeing a Sr. stylist, which still was about $45 for a cut. Then I went to a non Sr stylist and found the cut to be just as good if not better, and her cuts are only $35, I saw no difference between any of the levels of stylist in cuts or colors so I'm sticking with my non sr stylist.
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    $65 & that is cheap compared to a lot of cities. She was good.

    I'm seeing Jeff Dille now & his cuts are $55. This guy is meticulous & professional-some things about 99% of stylists in Vegas lack & I have made my rounds.