what was your most expensive chanel?

  1. do you still love it?
  2. Black Lady Braid Satchel $2450 / $2695 w/Tax & Shipping - Yep, Love it! :love:
  3. My python flap! :love: Still very much in love with it.. But i haven started using it yet lol :p
    chanel dark pink python flap.jpg
  4. Crackled patent Ritz...was around $2500ish...I've blocked the price out of my head but still love it! :smile:

  5. :lol:

    I wish I COULD block it out!! :push:
  6. I only have 2 chanel purses and a cosmetic bag, but the most expensive is my Luxury Ligne Deerskin Camera Bag in Khaki. I paid $2,160 US before tax, and it was worth every penny!

    Chanel Luxury1.JPG
  7. I never regret a Chanel purchase!
  8. Mine was my moder chain Hobo, it was 1995. I love it and use it all the time, its such a great bag. it holds everything I need it too. My darlign BF loves it too because it holds his stuff too.
  10. Mine was the black pny expandable flap $2495.00. I loved it for a while, but it didn't really hold its shape so well. Anyway, I sold it.
  11. I only have (had) 2 so I guess my baby cabas (love it to death!) since it's more than the large cambon tote I use to have. Haven't reached the $2000 range, yet :push:
  12. I think my Grey 2.55. I think that was around $2200.
  13. the only one i have! hehe loove it
  14. Grey 228 reissue. I think it was $2400. I havent used it lately because it doesnt go too nice with maternity clothes. LOL. It kind of loses its edginess. But I do use my black 227 reissue a lot both day and for night.
  15. In 1989, I bought a $2000 oversize tote. Nothing in the store even came close to that price, but I wanted the XL size... so I bought it. I've been told that tote would cost well over $4000 now.

    I wore it for a few years and then put it away (when bags started to get small and a lot plainer) and then rediscovered it two years ago. I've used it so much this year, it's getting kind of worn, but I think I'm getting my moneys worth... and yes, I still love it.