What was your most EMBARRASSING moment??

  1. Mine:
    I was at a concert, walking up the aisle stairs past what seemed like a million people watching my every move. For some reason, I kept concentrating on not falling. That's all I could think about. Then, guess what happened?...... I fell and ate crap really hard! Everyone around me was laughing. I just wanted to melt into the ground. Then some guy got out of his seat and held out his hand to help me up. But he was laughing the whole time in my face. I just couldn't see straight, but I managed to get up and run to the nearest bathroom.
    I hid in there for half an hour. I missed the best part of a concert I paid $275 for.

    Please share yours:yes:
  2. Ate coffee grounds thinking they were cookies. TIA!! lol.
  3. When I'd be in class, and the teacher asks a question like, "Can people really swallow their tongue?" Everyone chorused 'no,' and I was the lone person that said 'yes.'
  4. I tripped with my own rubber shoes running for the train. In the middle of a very crowded train station!
  5. I tried bowling without bowling shoes and fell on my ass in front of my ex and all of his friends.
  6. My exboyfriends mom apprently saw us having sex and then continued to scream her head off at somebody...I just sat there on the couch waiting for her to finish since I thought that she was screaming at her daughter. So when she left and slammed the door, I asked my BF at the time who she was yelling at and what it was about, he screamed YOU!!! lol, oops! :shame:
  7. omg I can definitely understand what you went through. Nerphanie went to school on cold rainy day w/o an umbrella nor a sweater.(9 years ago) I went to her school to drop off those two items. I had to walk about 50 steps down the stairs in the middle of the field. I missed the last step and fell 90 degrees flat on the face. I heard myself fall(big thump sound) and somebody yelling *call the ambulance* from the top of the stairs. I was completely soaked in muddy rain but I just bounced back. I ran into the nearest building and hid in the bathroom while evaluating the damage. I just didn't want to be found by one of Nerdie's friend in that condition. It was very embarrassing.
  8. I had many....but here´s one. I had landed that prestigious student job as a hostess going into night clubs, and dancing around, drinking for free with all bartenders, in my mini lycra dress. The type of girl all the girls were jealous of and the guys desired. Anyways with all these free drinks I had been drinking a bit too much and was wondering if I would even be able to go on stage. I went to the toilets and coming back I walked down the stairs, where lots of people were sitting, and missed a step:push: I went on sliding on my butt all the way to down the stairs !!!! No more "image" left of me.
    (but since I was drunk it didn´t really matter, kind of funny-never take yourself too seriously !! unless you can guarantee 100% no mistake)
  9. I've had loads of embarrasing moments, i'm a total goofball!!

    One that sticks out in my mind, is when i was at my fiancee's presentation night, i went to the ladies and when i came out i walked round for around 20 minutes with my dress tucked into my underwear! Think Jennifer Aniston as a bridesmaid in Friends!!! I always check now when I leave the ladies!!!
  10. I have had many embarrassing moments, unfortunately. Lots of them growing up in school (as the fat, nerdy kid), don't remember any in college (I changed) and since I met my BF, I have had them again (different lifestyle).

    The one that pops to mind happened when we were dating for 3 months and he took me to his work holiday party. It was my first time at a fancy party and was nervous, but I felt I looked good, considering I wasn't into the dressing up thing. I met his colleagues in the sports business and it was all good.

    AND I also ATE...I had never seen so many tasty treats, ever! I ate a bit of everything in site...and later in the evening, while speaking to sports celebrities, I felt a bump on my arm and it itched. I then felt my face with bumps, too. The last thing I remember was not being able to breathe and my BF asking why I had big, red bumps on my face. I passed out and woke up at the hospital. I had an anaphylactic shock, most likely a bad reaction to something I ate, according to the doc. Not sure what it was because after so many pricks on my back and arms, I didn't want to find out.

    Now I know that no one really eats at the fancy parties. You eat before the party, so you can look cool. :yucky:
  11. Drove my car into a tree, and rode my bike into a mailbox...it wasn't like these were moving objects.

    PS: I wasn't drunk or anything.
  12. I got my period during my 8th grade history class. Only knew because a girl in another row whispered to me to look at my seat, which had blood on it! It was an amazing feat trying to get the male teacher to let me use the restroom (something he never allowed during class, but somehow let me do) and waddle out without the rest of the class knowing. I ran to my locker and thank goodness I had a pair of leggings in there. No one commented on how I left in jeans and came back in black pants!
  13. I've had loads.

    Most memorable was being on the dance team in high school and falling on my @ss during the basketball team's regional tournament in front of about 10,000 people during half time. I'm a klutz, so I fall a lot!
  14. oh gosh, mine is truly mortifying but I have had a glass of wine, so I feel able to share.

    My first real love, we went shopping on a Saturday afternoon, browsed the vinyl record store and picked out some new records. Went back to his families house, to ahem, go and listen to some music.

    Got abit, you know carried away, only to hear through a baby monitor, ah hum, we can all hear you :wtf:

    Yes, my boyfriend of the time, had his sister over, and when her baby had fallen asleep, she had put her in his room for a nap, and had left the monitor on even after she had bought her back downstairs after her sleep .

    True story, and still makes me hang my head in complete and utter embarrassment!!!

    I have others, but that one is up there as true humiliation :biggrin:
  15. Oh, I have a good one.

    I went to a benefit and had bought a beautiful evening dress. I have a tattoo on my arm so I asked the lady at Dillard's who sold me the dress what I could do to cover it up. She told me to by a cover-up make up stick, so I did.

    That night, I got all pretty and covered up my tattoo. I was invisible. But I didn't know that the cover up wouldn't dry...

    I was at the benefit for less than 20 minutes (I drove 7 hours to get there, by myself and had no idea where I was and was all alone) and the sister of the gentleman that the benefit was for gave me a big hug. (I was sitting down in a chair and she pressed up against my arm.)

    She was wearing white.

    Needless to say, my cover-up ended up all over her white suit.

    I wanted to die. I still want to die, every time I think about it.

    I am planning on getting that tattoo removed. :cry: