What was your major in college? Does it relate to your current occupation?

  1. Hello college grads!~

    Asking this Q because i'm currently a student in a rut.

    i'll be graduating next year with a degree in microbiology and am not too keen on going into the science field. but, i'm so close to graduating so I don't want to change my major just because I don't want to work in science after grad.

    i currently work at a marketing firm.. and i really had to try hard to get this job. during the interview, the interviewer noticed that my major has nothing to do with the work. and i persisted that i firmly believe that four years of education will eventually be worth less than four years of experience so i'd like to get my foot in the door early.. and she agreed and gave me the job ( :yahoo:) soo.. i was thankful of that. hopefully employers will be just as openminded when i'm applying for things upon graduating >_<

    so, while in the rut, i became curious as to whether the major has a heavy influence on one's occupation (sans areas like engineering or biotech, or other specialized fields)?

    thanks all for participating!
  2. I started out as an art major and wound up in nursing!
  3. I majored in Biology & Russian. I got my Master's in Central & Eastern European Studies.

    I currently work in an immigration law firm. So I don't really do anything that relates to my degrees, but in a month I'm starting my PhD in Russian Literature!
  4. I majored in Merchandise Marketing @ FIDM and I'm currently a Merchandise Manager.
  5. I majored in Organizational Behavior...and now I work as an account associate for Google AdWords (basically...I work in advertising :balloon:)
  6. I majored in Advertising and Psychology ... and I work at an online ad agency in San Francisco. Not a stretch, I guess!

    I always figured that if I got sick of ad agency life, I would go back to school, get a PhD in Psychology, and open a private practice. That's still a dream, but I don't know if I have the stamina to get through a PhD program at this point!
  7. I majored in Education, English grades 7-12. For the past 2 years I've been working as a substitute teacher in those grades. I'm waiting for full-time position to open up. Right now I still want to be a teacher and haven't changed my mind yet. :tup::p:graucho:
  8. Economics and political science, tax attorney. Those are very popular majors for prelaw students, not sure why.
  9. I have a BA in Linguistics, and I'll be starting school in the fall for a MA in Linguistics. My future career will be something in Linguistics, most likely a professor. :p However, I think it's very normal for people to have a college degree totally unrelated to their career.
  10. I was a music and political science major and I became a lawyer...so my music degree has absolutely nothing to do with my current occupation, but interviewers do love to ask about it.
  11. Wow, jillybean and I have a little more in common!

    I majored in International Studies with a minor in Russian. I went to a small, liberal arts university with a 1-Professor Russian dept so all you could do was minor even if you took it all 4 years, lol.

    I'm now an IT project manager (currently between consulting gigs actually). So nope, my degree has nothing to do with my current work, but I absolutely adored my college years. Keep in mind I graduated in 1989 so I've had a few years of professional experience meanwhile, and a lot of career path twists and turns, all for the best.
  12. Oh, this is a good one!

    Went to college and majored in Criminal Justice/Sociology, minored in Music and Theater, and now work as a supervisor in a major mortgage loan servicing company.

    I had a tramatic event happen in my life the month before graduation that made my dream of being a cop impossible. I didn't know what to do. So, I worked a lot of crappy jobs then landed this job. I didn't even like the thought of servicing mortgage loans (what's that??) but the company had killer benefits...then I fell in love!
  13. interior design major and i'm a merchandiser for home furnishings brand. so looks like i'm on target. :smile:

    one of my managers was an art history major with a minor in criminology.. and she's been in retail for nearly 10 years. lol
  14. USA: Biological Sciences/Pre-Med , later Bio & Secondary Ed.

    Germany: Business Administration

    Well...considering I'm still in school, no :smile: I don't really know what I want to do with BA...Finance?? Maybe? IDK.
  15. Public Relations really caught my fancy when I majored in it and Marketing at University, and I've been in PR since I've graduated! :biggrin: