What was your last purchase?

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  1. Mine was -
    2 pairs of BCBG shoes, same shoe liked them so much I had to have black and bronze (sorry I don't have any pics)

    My tote for work
    a gorgeous burgundy skirt :love:
    A French Victorian top:love:
    A kenneth Cole wallet

  2. Some swanky brown leather wedges at the Houston Galleria while on anniversary date w/ hubby.
  3. A petite noe, a mini pochette, and the key and change holder, all mono.
  4. LV Speedy 25 epi red
  5. I bet that's a beauty!
  6. Damier Saleya MM!!
  7. on sale enzo angiolini & ninewest sandals, and lv mono credit card holder for my mom
  8. Prada 'night' handbag
    another prada
    Burberry handbag
    louis vuitton credit card holder

    this forum is sooo bad for me. :smile:
  9. A few beers at a club last night :shame:

    Oh wait, shopping purchase :P I picked up my black Chanel caviar tote yesterday evening!
  10. A Chanel Tote and Beers!:lol: :lol: :lol: You must be so much fun!:lol: :lol: :lol:

    My last purchase was 2 pair of Nine West sandels for my cruise (22 days!).
  11. A red epi petit noe off ebay, 6 years old perfect condition. I love epi leather! It matches my car lol. I now want a burberry tote for work...shopping this weekend!
  12. A black MC wapity and a pair of dr scholl's sandals in white
  13. hmmmmm...I bought a sd550 canon camera. and it is fab!
  14. Saleya PM and Gucci tote.