What Was Your Last purchase?


Mar 21, 2016

@cheremushki, love the agenda! did you mention cool fountain pens in another post? My eyesight and memory have grown worse during this covid year, so I’m not sure!
OMG, I know what you mean by the memory.. Me and another supervisor at worksite was starring into each other's eyes with "uhhh, I had something to tell you......." :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: I think covid stress is seriously messing with my brain. Which may explain my growing agenda sizes and numbers.

Yes, I got the TWSBI ECO as my very first foundtain pen and I absolutely love it. It's mid budget, great quality, and beginner friendly. I did get a second fountain pen called Hongdian. Cheap but decent weight and feel to the hand. I just need more inks. But I use fountain pen and inks mainly for drawing works.
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Apr 3, 2007
East Coast
With Mother’s Day and my daughter’s birthday happening in the same week I picked up quite a few goodies. Frame Le Skinny De Jeanne crop Jeans,a pair of Dior 30Montaigne1 square-frame sunglasses, and makeup from Sephora for myself; a pair of Native shoes and a crafting kit from Nordstrom for the LO