WHAT WAS YOUR LAST DIOR PURCHASE? *post photos of your beauties here*

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  1. Mine!
    Tribal earrings and Toile De Jouy Clutch IMG_20181230_233018.jpg IMG_20181230_233027.jpg IMG_20181224_213948.jpg
  2. I fell in love with this beautiful scarf.
    IMG_6359.JPG IMG_6354.JPG
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  3. Lady Dior clutch with chain
    86859B5A-D6BF-4BCA-8E40-B4984CF018E6.jpeg C1210DBE-49F9-4593-8A0A-0EBB74CE80A8.jpeg
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    Was in Hong Kong Airport and let’s just say I was in the boutique in the right place, in the right time :love: the prettiest mini lady Dior. And I met the sweetest SA who gave me an extra paper bag and an extra small box because she knew how much I love this packaging! :lol:
    B6620AD3-2F0D-4434-86BC-B89F8404345E.jpeg 047127B1-EB48-44DB-B6CF-14C53C3FCAEE.jpeg
  5. What a gorgeous hue! Enjoy!
  6. Thank you so much! This colour makes me smile! :heart:
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  7. Brought my lady dior black clutch on a chain to the office. She is shiny but not patent. I am not sure if its from an older collection or what but its not on the dior websitr even though I just bought it.
  8. new my lady dior. classic beauty
  9. [​IMG]
    Just a t-shirt
  10. Pretty in pink...it’s perfect!


    The perfect classic!

    And you’re rocking it!!

    How lovely!
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  11. So happy find small wallet that match my amaranth lady dior ♥️♥️♥️

  12. My December purchases. IMG_7760.JPG
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  14. 72564935-2671-4A99-85B8-9ABC8CDF415C.jpeg Just picked up my first My Lady Dior bag today! I absolutely love it! And of course, I had to match her with an ABCDior mitzah scarf as well! I purchased a wallet earlier this month (I’ll post that later).

    If anyone has recommendations/tips on best ways of avoiding color transfer, please let me know. She is my first colored bag. All my other bags are Black, so up keep for them are usually easy.